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PerfectMatch.com Review September 2020

Perfectmatch.com used to be the go-to dating site for people who wanted to find love and relationship—their perfect match. They had a unique method of matching called the “Duet Total Compatibility System” in which users had to answer a very detailed questionnaire to find out their personality type and the type they’d be best partnered with.

After less than 10 years of operation, the site was permanently shut down by its developers, until FriendFinder decided upon its acquisition in 2011. Banking on its already popular domain and reputation, FriendFinder kept Perfectmatch.com’s name and logo. However, they did not adopt the original Perfectmatch.com’s features. Today, unbeknownst to a lot of people, Perfectmatch.com is just a mirror site of FriendFinder.

Registration Process

Perfect Match Registration
  • New members must fill out personal information
  • Personality test available for compatibility search feature
  • Sign-up takes 3-5 minutes
  • Get verified by uploading valid ID

Sign-Up Process

Registration in PerfectMatch.com is pretty quick and straightforward. You have to complete 5 sections of basic information—first being your gender and the gender you are looking for, second are your age and location, third are your account details; email, username, and password, fourth is a little more information such as your race, sexual orientation, and status, and lastly, an ‘about yourself’ paragraph—which is optional—however, you are required to write an introduction title. After filling everything out, you have to click on the verification email to successfully create your account.

Personality Test

PerfectMatch.com offers a personality test that you could fill out as a way to find compatible users. Completing the test takes 5-10 minutes, and you shall receive an icon of test completion in your profile.

The personality test comes in two sections, a 25-question required set and a 16-question optional set. Both sections involve situations in which you have to choose the box that best describes your feeling towards them. Questions such as “I often keep my opinions to myself.” or “it's worth it to spend extra for designer clothes.” The options to choose from are: strongly agree, somewhat agree, strongly disagree and somewhat disagree. Each number reveals your character and opinions. Answering the personality test shall conclude your personality type. A short description of your personality type will be shown to you as well as the ideal personality type you should meet and date. You could retake the personality test if you are not satisfied with your results.

Profile Quality

PerfectMatch Profile
  • Profile photos can be seen even without a paid subscription
  • Profile information and photos are only available to premium members
  • Fake profiles are uncommon
  • Profiles can earn a verified icon by submitting a valid ID
  • Members fill out their profiles completely

Member profiles on Perfectmatch.com could be very informative considering that they fill out all the profile information fields to complete their profile. Members can gauge how completely filled out their profiles are through a checklist available on their profile dashboard.

What’s great about filling out information is that users can earn points that they can use to avail to get some paid features, such as becoming a featured member for a day, sending virtual gifts to other users and even a free gold membership upgrade for a month. Points can also be earned by getting friends to register and being active in the blog, magazine, and group feature of Perfectmatch.com.

With regards to fake profiles, Perfectmatch.com has a very few shares. This is because Perfectmatch.com has detectors that are able to notice such. Also, they have a very active customer support system, so when users report abusive or scammer profiles, they see to it that those profiles are banned from the site.

Contacting Members

PerfectMatch Search
  • Gender, Age, Location, and Membership search filters are free
  • Advanced search available for premium members
  • Matching algorithm based on compatibility option
  • Messaging users is strictly for paying members
  • Matches seldom refresh

Messaging and sending flirts are strictly for paying members only. The only way for free members to get to interact with other users is by hitting the like button or commenting on their photos. Expressing interest can also be done by putting them into the hotlist. Users can see if they have been put into other members’ hotlists through their own profiles. Members can also see from their profile dashboard the users who viewed them.

Perfectmatch.com also has a live chat function, which all users are allowed to use. Chat rooms are categorised by geographic location or topic of interest if you are a member of an interest group. This feature is a great way to meet people if only more people were active.  

Design and Functionality

The dating website presents a simple and clean design. The tabs are organised well on the menu bar to provide easy navigation to the site’s features. The profile dashboard displays profile settings on the left sidebar together with the interactions you sent and those that were sent to you. It also includes a search feature of your new matches and popular photos around the dating site. The action buttons of anything you want to do on the website are easy to spot and highly accessible to encourage member activity. Using the dating website is pretty straightforward—there are no special visual designs to enhance aesthetic appeal, but rather the design leads more to provide efficient functionality.

Special Features

Being a mirror site of FriendFinder.com, Perfectmatch.com obviously adopted its special features. Similar to that of FriendFinder, a premium membership is needed in order to fully experience and actively participate in these features.

Member Blogs

Perfectmatch.com provides a platform for its paying users to publish blog posts. These blog posts are visible in the community tab and can initiate conversation. Free users are only able to view and respond to comments on the blog.


In Groups, members can post articles and forum threads that are related to the group’s main category. Any member of the dating is able to join groups that they wish to belong in. Finding groups can be done by browsing by location, topic, or keyword.

FriendFinder Magazine

Being assimilated with FriendFinder, Perfectmatch.com has acquired its flagship feature—FriendFinder Magazine. This feature allows any user to post any article related to the topics found on their ultimate online relationship guide.


Blings are like accessories you can put in your profile. They are moving icons which can further show your personality. Creating a bling is free for any user, and blings can also be given as a gift.

My Experience

"Overall, my experience with Perfectmatch.com was not how I expected it to be. I was hoping to interact with other users and meet new friends. However, without a premium membership, it was impossible to find someone let alone a perfect match! With the course of my membership, I didn’t get any single message from other users—which could indicate that there are rarely users who avail of their premium membership because my profile photo is a catch! One thing that discouraged me from buying a premium membership was when I went to browse in FriendFinder.com, I was able to click and view the same profiles that were suggested to me on Perfectmatch.com. I tried clicking it on Perfectmatch.com, and it only brought me to the Upgrade Now page. I personally think that something’s not quite right in there…"

- Tracy, 28

Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Gold Membership
1 Month38.95 AUD / Month38.95 AUD
3 Months31.93 AUD / Month95.80 AUD
6 Months25.27 AUD / Month151.60 AUD
Silver Membership
1 Month30.96 AUD / Month30.96 AUD
3 Months18.95 AUD / Month56.85 AUD
6 Months16.95 AUD / Month101.70 AUD
Perfect Match Membership
Free Services
  • Create an account
  • Build your profile
  • Join groups and forums
  • Hot or not roulette-type matching
  • Personality Test
  • Personality type matching suggestions
  • Change Cupid Preferences
  • Add profiles into your Hotlist
  • Update your profile information
  • Upload photos
  • Regular costumer support
  • Test now for free
Fee based Services
  • View profiles and contact members
  • Show up at the very top in searches
  • Access members’ recorded video introductions
  • Access to blogs, groups, and magazine features
  • Priority in users' message inbox
  • View extra large photos
  • Access to ICQ, AIM, Y!M, & MSN ID’s of members in your network
  • Private Chat Room (Limited time only)
  • 24/7 Phone Support
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
Payment discretion
  • Perfectmatch.com does not allow anonymous payments.

Perfectmatch.com offers two kinds of memberships—Gold and Silver. The cost difference when you sign up for a 3 or 6-month subscription is not that big. But if you choose to sign up for only a month, there is a relatively large difference.

Without a premium subscription, the experience you get from the dating site is very limited. A free membership only lets you put the users you like into your hotlist, however, you cannot view their full profiles. What’s amusing though is that when you go to FriendFinder.com, you will be given the same profiles in your match suggestions and you are able to view their profiles on that domain. Regardless if you are able to view other members’ profiles or not, you are not able to send them a flirt or a message without a paid subscription. So if you are really keen on using Perfectmatch.com as the platform to find your perfect match, you should sign up for a premium subscription—a silver membership would do.


Even if Perfectmatch.com has become a subsidiary of FriendFinder and has lost all its original features, it still provides a good platform to find love and meet your perfect match. Perfectmatch.com is now a mirror site of FriendFinder—they offer the same features and they display the same users. Having a premium membership in Perfectmatch.com automatically gives you membership in FriendFinder as well. A paid subscription allows you to get a full experience of the dating site. Without one, it’s impossible to communicate with other users, moreover to send a like or interest. So if you are really motivated to meet your perfect match through this website, you should get yourself a premium subscription. If you are still hesitant, why not sign up for free and take a look around the dating site first. You’ll never know, maybe your one true love is just waiting for that one wink.

Perfect Match FAQ

About Perfectmatch.com

Is Perfectmatch.com still active?

Perfectmatch.com under the management of its founders has already closed permanently. The domain was officially acquired by FriendFinder in the year 2011.

How are Perfectmatch.com and FriendFinder affiliated?

Perfectmatch.com is now being managed by FriendFinder. Today, it serves as a mirror site of its forerunner.


Can I join Perfectmatch.com for free?

Yes, Perfectmatch.com allows free membership. Of course, a free membership has limited features.

How do I create a profile in Perfectmatch.com?

Simply register an account on the website, verify your email, and you’re good to go! All steps to complete your profile can be found on your profile dashboard.

Does Perfectmatch.com offer a free trial?                        

No, Perfectmatch.com does not offer any free trial on their website. However, they sometimes give out coupons for discounts.     

Can I cancel my premium membership anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your premium membership anytime and disable the auto-renewal of your subscription. However, Perfectmatch.com does not give any refunds on unused credits and days of any subscription term.


How does Perfectmatch.com match its users?

Perfectmatch.com matches you with users who complement your personality based on the results of your personality test. They have a feature called Cupid that lets you view suggested matches.

Does Perfectmatch.com have guarantees with its paid subscription?

Under the management of FriendFinder, the new Perfectmatch.com does not carry guarantees with its paid subscription. The user is solely responsible for every interaction done, rewards gained, and the consequences incurred by using the dating website.

Will my Perfectmatch.com account still be active even if I don’t use it?

Yes, even if you don’t use your account, it shall remain active. Subscription fees will still be credited to your account until you formally cancel your membership.


Is Perfectmatch.com a legitimate dating site?

Perfectmatch.com is a subsidiary of FriendFinder which is a legitimate dating website that is legally registered in different countries. Perfectmatch claims that you can find your perfect match through their website.

What security features does Perfectmatch.com offer?

Perfectmatch.com asks for its European users their consent about data processing, data transfer to non-Europrean locations, and data deletion before accessing the website.complies to privacy policies observed by the countries it operates in. All private information are kept confidential other than the information you complied to share with other users.

Does Perfectmatch.com do profile validation and background checks?

Perfectmatch.com makes it a point to check accounts and profiles created on their dating website for credibility and validity. Members who seem suspicious are immediately banned from the site and has to contact customer support to reactivate their profiles. Users can also verify their account by uploading a valid ID on their account, and the ID will not be publicly displayed.

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