Quarantine Dates: How To Spend Meaningful Time During The Lockdown

Survive Being Single and Stuck in Lockdown

2020 has passed in a blink, and while it’s been a tumultuous ride, being thankful for your resilience is key. However, 2024 demands continued vigilance. With stricter lockdowns in effect across numerous countries to keep citizens safe, these times test us all. Yet, don't allow these obstacles to hinder your pursuit of love!

The possibilities for dating within your home are endless, thanks to many online platforms. There are various apps beyond just video chat and messaging that can help keep your love life active.

Whether single or in a relationship during this lockdown, we've found the best quarantine date ideas to help keep your love life interesting.


How Quarantine Dates Make Staying At Home More Fun

Dining on restaurants is a hassle, concerts and sporting events are cancelled, tourist destinations are closed, and schools are on a temporary break—all because everyone is at a health risk without social distancing.

It almost non-negotiable to self-quarantine, but having fun had always been a choice despite the chaotic changes that the pandemic has brought. Doing quarantine dates is one way to spend quality time despite being away from your loved ones, and eventually finding the right person for you.

Quarantine dates will make the time you spend inside your room more fun and helps you keep sane during these crazy times. Here's how:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety

This past turbulent year which brought out a string of misfortunes could easily trigger stress and anxiety, especially if you are alone inside the house. Spending time having great conversations with other singles or loved ones could help reduce emotional stress.

  • You look forward to better things in the future

Lockdowns have given you so much time than you know how to spend. This is fun at first; you get to watch all the movies on your list, cook great dishes, and finish all the chores you've been putting off because there is so much to do at work.

However, having so much time starts to get stale when you run out of things to do, and boredom does many negative and positive things on your mental well-being. Break out of the monotony by preparing for a special quarantine date will keep you busy and make you look forward to something in the future, making each day special.

  • You have someone to share your thoughts with

Release all those happy, sad, angry, and frustrating emotions you have—and do the same for that person. It helps to say what you feel, when you feel them, and talk about it instead of bottling them all up inside. Even if you don't talk about the serious things in your lives, dating during the quarantine is a way for you to have fun experiences and conversations away from dreadful topics—which are still important—but you have to let go for a while and ease the tension.

  • It helps you focus on the positive things

Dates will bring out your positive side and mostly your creative side.


You get to be creative, romantic, flirty, and a little bit—or more—sensual than your usual everyday self. You'll look at the brighter side of things, the fun side of things. It's like meeting people once again at the bar or going on blind dates, but you do it online and at the comfort of your home.

Where To Find Quarantine Dates

What does a date in a quarantine look like? It may be hard to imagine, but several singles have been doing it for a while now. Even before the quarantine, there are several places where you could find an online date and get to know them before you meet in the flesh.

One of the main differences now is that these platforms have upgraded enough tools to give free and easy means to communicate, such as text, voice, and video messaging features. Here are some of the cool places where you can find a quarantine date:

  • Widen your world through social media sites

These sites have removed boundaries when it comes to connectivity, and there's no shame in connecting with someone who is basically a stranger, except they are your friend's friend. Even the social media giants have put up their own dating site Facebook Dating in a bid to gather together singles who are looking to have fun unbounded by race, colour, or language.

  • Find your match on dating apps

Now, this is a more suitable place to find someone to spend flirty nights or days with. You will have several options depending on what you are looking for. There are general sites to try if it's your first time, while there are others that promise to match you with a partner with a more specific characteristic.

There are several categories to choose from; here are some of them:

Dating Sites and Apps - This is the best choice for first-timers who can yet find out how these platforms work. For more options, you may check out Dating Sites and Dating Apps categories. 

Matchmaker - These sites, which also comes in as apps, will find you a match based on your preferences. These criteria are not limited to hobbies, preferences, and physical characteristics. You may check out some of the sites on our Matchmaker category.

Casual Dating - If you are after fun, but you want to avoid serious relationships for now, Casual Dating sites are for you. Think sexy when you are signing up to these. You may find yourself a playmate to spend horny times with.

Adult Fun - Bring out your naughty A game as these sites will surely take you for a ride. You may find something that ranges from affairs, sugar daddies or babies, sexy cougars, hookups, and swingers. Sky is the limit with these platforms and you'll surely find something that will pique your interest.

Special Categories - Dating sites are more inclusive than ever. There are special sites for the gays and lesbians. If you are after religious dating, there are Christian, Muslim, or Jewish sites for you among others.

  • Share hobbies and interests in forums

These pages are fun to exchange your ideas with, and it isn't impossible to come across someone very similar to you in a lot of ways. There are countless forums out there that are made for specific topics. It can be anything under the sun, while several threads are made solely for dating. These places are best if you want to chill and not rush things.


Quarantine Date Ideas That Are Actually Great

Quarantine Date Ideas That Are Actually Great

It is easy to run out of ideas after months of being on quarantine while dating, but there's a trick to it--you just have to make regular activities more fun by giving it a kick. There are several things that you can try out to achieve that special quarantine date night, here are some of those:

  • Watch a movie or a recorded concert together

Flash the camera on the side so you are visible while watching the same video on each of your television screens. It can be your favourite movie, a concert recording, or watch some of the new films that are on an online showing fest. You will have more things to talk about the more you spend doing things together despite being apart.

  • TikTok dance-off

Have fun and be bubbly once in a while, you'll be amazed how dancing will lift up both of your moods. You can do this on days when you want to just chill. The distance will not be felt and it will seem as if you are only beside each other. Check our TikTok app review here.

  • House tour

Show off a portion of your home that you are the proudest of. Couples and singles dating mostly do a tour of their kitchen or garden, which are less private areas of the house. This is a fun way to get to know each other, but always be mindful of safety especially if you are still on the getting-to-know stage of the relationship.

  • Cook together (or any hobby that you mutually enjoy)

You can enjoy a meal together and start the date by video-chatting while cooking. Make it more special by cooking your favourite dish or copying each other's recipes. The pandemic has brought so much chaos but if there's one great thing about it is that people had plenty of times to try out new things and hobbies.

  • Question and Answer Time

What's even better than telling stories with a newfound love? Q&A time. You will know more about a person so dear and be able to share your experiences in return. It doesn't have to be a serious conversation, you can treat it like a game where you ask and answer random facts about yourselves before capping off the night.

  • Listen to each other's music playlists

Widen your musical horizons and know more about the stuff they have been listening to by doing this.


There are several apps where you could create a playlist and share it with your partner while on a virtual date. Play music and enjoy in romantic silence while getting to know your partner's taste in music.

Tips For A Successful Quarantine Date

Here are a few tips to remember if you want to achieve that almost-perfect quarantine date night with a special someone. Quarantine dates are popular among singles who are starting to get to know each other, as well as to couples who have not been seeing each other as they are stuck in lockdown apart.

  • For single people

Know where to find the date

You should know where to find a compatible partner for you. Choose among the options on top—you don't have to sign up right away—until you find the right one for you. 

Don't rush it

If you don't click on the first date, there's plenty more to come, but don't rush things no matter how special you have prepared for the virtual date. Manage your expectations, just remember to have fun no matter what happens.

Always be true to yourself

It will be tempting to impress your date by saying a few white lies as you will not be seeing each other in person for the next few months due to the lockdown, but doing this would be like you digging your own grave. What if your relationship have prospered and you have told them lies beyond fixing? That is surely going to be messy.

  • For couples

Be creative

It's easy to run out of fun things to do especially when you are away from each other but hang in there. There are several tips available online that you can use to make your long-distance relationship work out.

Enjoy the moment

You don't have to be pressured on preparing for a quarantine date. The point of these activities is to help you have fun, and stressing about it doesn't help.

Have fun

Most of all, you should find these activities a great way to have fun. You already know your partner probably more than any person, so you will both know what you want. Making your quarantine dates successful should be easy peasy at this point.

Final Words

You have gone far through this pandemic and there's no stopping now. The worst may have been over so you just have to be patient until the pandemic ends—because it will. Humanity will once again strive to survive and everything will return to normal. But for now, enjoy what you have and focus on the things that you need to do.

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