Best Hookup Sites 2024 in Australia

Members 535,000
Gender proportion

30 %
70 %

Members 2,000,000
Gender proportion

23 %
77 %
  • An adult hookup site for all kinds of setup
  • More than 80 million users all over the world
  • Has a variety of ways to get in contact with other users
  • Majority of the members are men
  • There are some reported bots and fake profiles
  • iPhone and Android App available

Members 2,000,000
Gender proportion

25 %
75 %
  • A hookup site open for singles, couples, and all genders
  • Signing up for an account is free and easy
  • Large pool of members for higher chances of finding a date
  • Tons of special features and added functionality
  • Scams and fake accounts can easily get in
  • Not-so-easy layout for both app and website

It's often said that meeting your physical desires can be tough without a partner. However, could hookup sites be a simple solution?

Are you...

  • someone who's craving for unattached sex?
  • looking to excite your days and nights with rousing sexual adventures?
  • someone who got out of a relationship and want nothing more than no-strings-attached arrangements?

Did you relate to any of the points above?

You’ve come to the right place. Enjoy purely sexual encounters without the commitment thanks to hookup sites now! Read on, and we’ll show you how. 

Where do you look for hookups?

Frequenting parties and bars maybe solid ways to meet some very much willing prospects. You also have tons of friends and acquaintances that are game to initiate other activities in the bedroom. 

But what happens when you don't have much time to party? Or when your sex buddy is a bit busy?

Do you skip your cravings?

You don't have to—with hookup sites and apps widely available, casual sex is one tap or swipe away.

Advantages of Casual Sex

Interracial Couple Hookup

Can you believe there’s more to casual sex than just getting laid?

If you’re serious about disengaging your feelings from the act, hooking up can lead you to:

  • Know yourself and preferences better

Casual sex is all about exploration as you get to know different partners. With them, you learn different techniques and find out which sexually works best for you. 

Since its unattached sex, you can be selfish. Be vocal about what you want and learn from every sexual encounter.

  • ​​​​​​Decide better

Now that you know yourself better, your decisions come from your priorities and preferences. 

You’re capable of seeing things through and deciding what’s ultimately good for you. 

  • Boost your self-confidence

Why is it that we tend to dress to the nines when we’re about to meet some new? The adrenaline and mystery makes us giddy and confident. Casual sex does that to you, too. The thought of someone seeing you as attractive and sexy is the ego-boost we all need.

  • Focus on your ambitions

Of course, you can still achieve your dreams when you’re in a relationship. However, juggling a relationship with the demands of everyday life may be overwhelming. And that is where hookups come in. You get the sex sans the commitment.

  • Have fun and enjoy

Casual sex lets you breathe. This is the moment you get in touch with your body and wants and every discovery means you are one step closer towards the best orgasm of your life. 

Engaging in hookups sure has some perks; no wonder there's a rather meteoric rise of hookup sites and apps in the market.

How do hookup sites work?

People who sign up for hookup sites have one thing in common: they’re looking to get laid. And these sites deliver by cutting right through the chase. 

Most hookup sites let you register and create a profile for free. That way you get a feel of the site, helping you decide if you should stay or not. 

Paid features are typically the interaction functions such as commenting on photos and messaging members. The trade-off is that you become a popular member. This enables you to get in touch with more users.

Since the endgame is always a meetup, plentiful hookup sites like BeNaughty are location-based.

The system matches you up with nearby members. Some sites may hook you up one-by-one while another will show you a directory of the nearest members. 

What happens if you're down for some sexy time—all alone? Cam sites are there for you!

Featuring a myriad of live show models and adult movies, sites like AdultFriendFinder lets you get off without leaving you're home. Simply choose a show and watch it for your enjoyment.

Hookup Sites Online Dating

If sexting is your thing, hookup sites like Ashley Madison also allow you to interact with other members via chat rooms. If you're up for it, you can even go the next step and engage in cam sex. 

It’s typical for a hookup site to serve not safe for work visuals in the form of member photos or add-on features such as live shows or adult movies. So, expect an overload of titillating visuals and sensual chats that will surely get you hooked.

Who's on hookup sites?

Since the essence of every hookup site is to get laid, it comes as no surprise that it has amassed quite a lot of people. It is mostly available in various parts of the globe—top users are from the US, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia. 

In terms of age, users north of 25 are the most active. Hookup sites also reported members as young as 18 and those who are in their silver years. It seems no matter the age; we are all teeming with sexual needs.

Although males are the most active on hookup sites, women are not far off the mark. Hookup sites are also open to the members of the rainbow community, so it's not uncommon if a website asks you to define what you're looking for or what you're preferences are. 

Lastly, some hookup sites like 99 Flavors also include members who are not unattached; you can find couples looking to spice up their sex life, once-married individuals searching for some steamy nights, and pretty much anyone who's up for a good time. 

Pros and Cons of Hookup Sites

Pros and Cons

Joining hookup sites can introduce you to prospective sexual partners in a blink of an eye. Although it requires payment, it is relatively cheaper than staying up late and bar-hopping in the hopes of finding a match.

Since it's unattached sex, you can opt not to reveal your full name. Use screen names, build rapport and ascertain that the person you're talking to is real. 

Lastly, just because you slept together doesn't mean there will be sparks. There's a big chance you won't see each other again. What matters most is that it gets the job done—you got laid.

How to be Successful on Hookup Sites?

Hookup sites can be a goldmine of potential partners. If you find yourself clamouring for attention, however, we have some tips for you.

Be sizzling hot and playful in photos

Yeah sure, we may consider physique when it comes to hooking up. That doesn't mean your photos all have to be thirst traps—show some of the real you, too.

When it is too good to be true, people tend to shy away or be skeptic. Add a dash of genuine, every day you, so potential partners know you're hot inside and out.

Don't be lazy with those profiles

Usually, it's the hookup site that features jam-packed profiles. They'll ask you all types of questions to determine your sexual history, interests, and preferences; they'll use these to filter your choices further.

It's helpful if you include your sexual do's, don'ts, and maybe's; that way, you meet someone who's more or less in the same wavelength as you.

Play with words

Let's face it; we've read countless "What's up" and "Hey there," it's quite a welcome surprise to see well-crafted and even funny open liners. 

So be that surprise; take time to compose your first message. It typically works like magic when you talk about something they'll find interesting. Cracking a joke is a classic way to strike up a conversation, too.

Stay safe—at all costs

Keep a vice-like grip on your personal information—complete name, address, mobile number, to name a few. You're here for a good time, not a headache when you get scammed or conned by identity thieves.

And when it comes to the main event, stay safe as well. Always come prepared!

Should I pay for premium?

It may cost a few bucks than your average dating app, but hookup sites offer unparalleled sexual excitement and prospective partners you can meet up.

Payment in hookup sites are either made monthly or in credits.

Monthly packages cover 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. It grants access to most, if not all, of the site's functions. It may also help boost your popularity as you rank high in searches or get labelled as the site's top member.

So you can enjoy the site continuously, you can opt for an auto-renew function. It automatically renews your subscriptions and add-ons before the expiration date.

For some sites, credits or coins act as the main currency. With it, you can purchase features and functions that will help you make the most out of the site. Stock up on credits or coins to make sure you don't run out at the most crucial time. 

Lesbian Hookup

To encourage female patronage, several hookup sites may be purposely cheaper for women. Other sites like Pure is even free for women users. This way, men interested in heterosexual sex have higher chances of successfully finding a hookup.

If you're serious about finding sexual prospects, hookup sites like Fling are reliable sources of new connections. You get to interact and flirt with multiple people wherever and whenever you feel like it.

Safety First: What should your consider when looking for hookups?

Anyone interested in having sex will be wise to have themselves regularly screened for sexually transmitted diseases. Health risks should always be clarified in advance. It is also essential not to rely on a sex partner too much; think of the necessary protection for yourself.

Fake profiles

Fake profiles are a nuisance if you want to find people for unattached sex. But far more dangerous are people who abuse the lust of others to give themselves a malicious advantage. Anyone who sends nude pictures must know the repercussions: blackmail. It makes more sense to choose a portal with high-security standards and authenticity checks. This may come at a higher fee, but it has fewer risks.

Real meetings

Apart from potential pests, there is still a problem when it comes to the actual meetings. In general, one should never set off for a meeting without letting another person know. 

Anyone who makes an appointment at an isolated highway rest stop for anonymous sexual contacts can expect they're going to head home penniless. A woman who is interested in hookups may also face unwanted situations. So it is a good idea to let at least one friend know about your plans. Leaving the potential lover's contact is also a wise move; should there be any emergencies or untoward events, at least there's one soul who knows the truth. 

Ask for cover

Women and men alike should get "covered." Ask your dearest and most trusted cover partner to contact you on certain times during the date; update them as well especially if the meetup is going south.

Tips for a Steamy Night

If both of you can't get over your first sexy date, congratulations! You're about to enjoy steamier nights so why don't you observe these simple rules and tips?

Hookup Sites Safe Sex
  • Body care is the alpha and omega—this applies to both men and women. Showering just before the date is mandatory; you should be well-kept and neat. Once your date ends, you should hop to the shower a second time. Prevent infections by cleaning your body gently.
  • Create a space to feel good. If you're not the type to meet up in hotel rooms, the bedroom should be a neat and decent alternative. Make sure the bed is freshly made. If you're looking to improve ambience, a few candles do the trick. 
  • Wanting to fire up your date's imagination is alright as long as you don't make them wait for too long. Skip the worrying and just ask them what clothing makes you sexier—that is if its the clothes that make you hotter.
  • Get going with the right tools. Depending on what your sexual preferences are, you can experiment with toys for an unforgettable experience. Sex toys (of course using toys like handcuffs and plugs must be consensual), sensual oils, the right light and background music will increase your desire!


Sex is no longer exclusive to people in committed relationships. Nowadays, the world is your oyster with the plentiful hookup sites and apps the market has to offer.

Not sure which among these sites should you try out? Don't fret; we have you covered! We reviewed apps and sites, so the only thing you'll have to do is choose and sign up. 

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Chris Pleines
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What is a hookup site?

A hookup site is a platform where adults can do chat and set up a meeting usually with the intention of doing no-strings-attached hookups. Most of these relationships cater to sexual desires without emotional consequences.

Is Tinder a hookup site?

Tinder started out as a hookup app, but people who join it are no longer just looking for casual relationships. Some are into something long-term.

Do hookup sites work?

Yes, hookup sites do their job but you will have to be careful in choosing the right one for you. They work similarly to matchmakers but give you a partner with compatible sexual preferences.

Do hookup sites really work?

The efficiency of hookup sites will depend upon the platform. There are some sites that are proven to find members a partner while others are not as effective.

What are some good free hookup sites?

Good free hookup sites are hard to find. If you are serious about your pursuit, you are better off joining a good site with minimal membership subscription amount.

Is Tagged a hookup site?

Tagged is a free-to-use online dating site where users can meet new people and talk online. It was first set up for users under 18 and was a popular meeting site for teens.

Is there any 100 free hookup sites?

There are hookup sites that are 100 per cent free such as FDating but they most of the time have few memberships compared to popular ones. Most of the sites are free to join so you can check what they have to offer before committing.


Are there any actual free hookup sites?

There are some hookup sites that can be joined for free. However, you will need to pay for some of their services.

Is there a totally free hookup site?

Most legitimate hookup sites come with a premium subscription before you can access their major features. As hooking up requires high-security feature, most go with known legitimate premium ones.

Are there any totally free hookup sites?

There are hookup sites that are totally free but most of them are general dating sites that allow members to look for hookups like POF. You can check out other offerings on this category.


What is the best hookup site?

Some of the top hookup sites on the market today are listed on this category after we have tested a bunch and came up with the best performers. If you don't know where to find a hookup, check out our comparison table.

Is pof a hookup site?

POF is a dating site that allows members to look for a wide variety of relationships. Some look for long-term partners while others want something casual.

Is Tinder a dating site or hookup site?

Tinder started as something that casual daters would want to join, but it has evolved into something else today. Now it offers a place for people who are looking for long-term relationships. So now it is a dating site that can offer hookups too.


What are the best free hookup sites?

The best free hookup sites are the ones that offer a good balance between free and paid features. However, it will be hard to find a 100 per cent free hookup site that works and has a high safety feature.

What hookup sites are really free?

There are some free hookup sites that exist such as OKCupid but these free platforms are often laid with fake profiles. You can check out our offerings on this page if you are looking to start finding a hookup.