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What Do We Do With Your Information?

When you interact with our site, including utilising the My Scout personalised recommendation service, we collect the personal information you may give us such as your name, your Facebook profile details and email address.

Consent and Disclosure

When you provide us with personal information for reasons such as utilising My Scout or providing a dating site review, we imply that you consent to our collecting it and using it for that specific reason only.

If we ask for your personal information for a secondary reason, like newsletters or marketing, we will either ask you directly for your expressed consent, or provide you with an opportunity to say no.

From time to time we may utilise information you provide us that is not personal information or does not disclose your identity to any person for any purpose at our sole discretion, including to people or companies located outside of Australia. We may also modify your personal information (through encryption or other de-identifying techniques) so that it is in a form from which you cannot be identified and sell or disclose such modified information to any person for any purpose, including to people or companies located outside of Australia.

If after you opt-in, you change your mind, you may withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continued collection, use or disclosure of your information, at any time just Contact Us.

User Generated Content

We may also collect personal information when you submit user generated content (eg providing a dating site review) on our website pages.  By submitting content, you agree we may use this content including your name and any other personal information submitted by you, either temporarily or permanently, on without any compensation to you. 


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Changes To This Policy

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.

Questions and Contact Information

If you would like to access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information, please Contact Us.

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Ownership and Consent

You agree that information contained on is for personal use only and may not be sold, redistributed or used for any commercial purpose, without's express permission.

Your Privacy is Important are committed to protecting the privacy of everyone who interacts with us. All information provided to will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party unless required by law.

Affiliate Compensation Disclosure

The owner of may receive compensation for recommendations made in reference to the products or services on this website.

This compensation may be in the form of money, services or complimentary products and could exist without any action from a website visitor. Should you purchase a product or service that was recommended by, it is understood that some form of compensation might be made to the owner. For example, if you click on an affiliate link at and then make a purchase of the recommended product or service, owner may receive compensation.

This Compensation Disclosure has been provided for your protection and to fully disclose any relationship between product or service recommendations and the owners of those product or services.

Accuracy of Information on the Site

Where we collect information such as rates, pricing and product information we make every effort to ensure that all information displayed on the site is accurate and we will correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable after being notified of them. We collect the information displayed on the site from a variety of sources, including directly from the providers of the products or services and from our own research. We do not guarantee that the site will be fault free or that all of the information displayed will be completely accurate and we accept no liability whatsoever for any errors of omissions.

We also allow users to contribute content to the site by sharing their dating site experience or writing their own review. monitors such content for illegal or unauthorised activity but does not endorse any of the opinions expressed by individuals or vouch for their accuracy or authenticity.

You should therefore use the site as a general information service only, and ensure that you obtain accurate and up to date information directly from the applicable dating service before making a decision to join or acquire their products or services. Your use of the site is at your own risk. In no event will be liable to you or anyone else for any decision (financial or other) made or action taken by you or anyone else in reliance upon any information contained on or omitted from the site.

Third Party Providers' Products and Services

You can apply for a third party provider’s products and services using hyperlinks on the site which will connect you to the relevant dating service provider. The majority of products and services that are displayed on the site are not provided by and are provided by third parties over whom has no control. You should satisfy yourself that you wish to purchase those products or services before contracting with the third parties. We accept no liability for any products or services or information provided by third party providers. You should obtain further information from the third party providers, and you should not rely solely on the information supplied on our site.

Security of Information

While takes all due care in ensuring the privacy and integrity of the information you provide, the possibility exists that this information could be unlawfully observed by a third party while in transit over the Internet or while stored on systems. cannot always ensure that it's computer systems, network resources, files available for downloading and email communications will be fully or continually protected from unlawful access by others, including the infection of data or other information by viruses, or the alteration, misuse, or stealing of data or other information or that any of these activities will be detected. disclaims all liability to you to the greatest extent possible pursuant to law should this occur.

Revisions may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time in its absolute discretion by posting revised terms, and these revisions will be effective immediatley.

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