How much does Heated Affairs cost?

Are affair dating sites really effective? If so, what will it cost to use these services? Let's take a closer look at Heated Affairs' cost in Australia in this article. Although there are other websites that offer the same services, the costs at Heated Affairs tend to be higher.

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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Gold Membership
1 Month29.95 AUD / Month29.95 AUD
3 Months19.95 AUD / Month59.85 AUD
12 Months14.95 AUD / Month179.40 AUD
Standard Contact
1 Month19.95 AUD / Month19.95 AUD
3 Months11.95 AUD / Month35.85 AUD
200 Credits0.02 AUD / Credit4.38 AUD
500 Credits0.02 AUD / Credit8.75 AUD
1,000 Credits0.01 AUD / Credit14.59 AUD
Adult Movies
1 Month20.95 AUD / Month20.95 AUD
3 Months14.95 AUD / Month44.85 AUD
Search Highlights
1 Month9.95 AUD / Month9.95 AUD
3 Months8.95 AUD / Month26.85 AUD
Private Chat Room
1 Month9.95 AUD / Month9.95 AUD
3 Months6.95 AUD / Month20.85 AUD
6 Months5.95 AUD / Month35.70 AUD
12 Months4.95 AUD / Month59.40 AUD

The most popular offering at Heated Affairs is its Gold Membership—a monthly subscription covering 1, 3, and 12 months. Gold members are granted access to most of the functions that Heated Affairs showcases. This freedom is probably the reason why the members availed the Gold membership.

Heated Affairs Gold AU

Still, if you’re going to spend money, why should you choose Heated Affairs? What makes this affair dating site worth your money, time, and effort when there are other similar platforms available? Is the Heated Affairs cost worth upgrading?

Does buying a Heated Affairs premium make sense?

Before you decide to register and subscribe, let’s find out some pros first. What are the perks that will come your way as a Heated Affairs member, free or Gold?

Free Services

Signing up at Heated Affairs is free-of-charge, so you don’t have to worry at all about paying for a premium fee upfront. This free registration ensures you get to at least checkout Heated Affairs before you pay—a test drive if you must.

Registration and profile customisation are just the two of the things you can do with a free account. You may also browse the site, participate, and even mingle with your fellow Heated Affairs members.

Free Features
  • Edit and customise own profile
  • Upload pictures and videos
  • Edit search filters and preferences
  • Add up to 200 members on Hotlist
  • Access to Instant Messenger
  • Start a live show on Instant Messenger
  • Watch live model shows
  • Join blogs and chat rooms
  • View, Like, and Comment on photos
  • Vote on Contest Photos
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Premium Features
  • View members' complete profiles
  • View full-sized photos and full-length videos
  • Utilise the Advanced Search feature
  • Add a thousand members on Hotlist
  • Access to direct messages
  • Send friend requests and flirts
  • Access to Sex Academy
  • Cast multiple votes on Contests
  • Standard Contact

One of the tabs you can freely access at Heated Affairs is the “Community.” In it, even with your non-paying status, you may take part in discussions, debates, or sharing in the blogs, forum, or adult group chats. 

Of course, it would be better if you were able to test out the dynamic of one-on-one communication. At Heated Affairs, there’s a possibility of that happening; if your profile and activity caught the eye of a special kind of premium member, they might send you a message and grant you access to their profiles AND inbox.

Lastly, you can take all the time you want to try out Heated Affairs thoroughly. Being a free member does not have a time limit. Heated Affairs will never charge you without your knowledge; the only time it does credit your account is when you confirmed your purchase.

Plentiful but Like-minded Options

As a cheating site, you would think the number and variety of people subscribed to it are minimal; however, that’s not the case at Heated Affairs.

The affair dating site has millions of users all over the globe. We’re talking the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, and Germany here—truly a melting pot of cultures and races united by their desire to have an affair.

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But aside from the nationalities, there’s also a variety of preferences at Heated Affairs. So, if you’re looking for raunchier encounters with the same-sex, it may be easy to find a willing match at Heated Affairs.

Also, you don’t have to worry about defining relationships and labels here. As mentioned, the members of Heated Affairs all share the same goal of finding an affair for casual dates. There will be no lengthy discussions about the why’s and how’s—Heated Affairs members are here to find fun and satisfy their sexual needs, no more no less.

Flexible Heated Affairs Costs

Heated Affairs is under Various Inc., the same company that manages adult dating sites such as and AdultFriendFinder. One of the things that are common between these sites is the multiple communication features that non-paying and paying members alike may use.

Heated Affairs Add On AU
  • Points

Points are what you use to interact with live cam models at Heated Affairs. You can purchase 200, 500, or 1000 points at any given time.

  • Standard Contacts

So you don’t miss out anybody, this add-on allows standard users of your choice to see your profile and respond to your messages.

Heated Affairs More AU
  • Search Highlight

There are millions of members at Heated Affairs; so, if you want to stand out, you may avail this add-on to top the search rankings.

  • Adult Movies

Heated Affairs also offers a massive collection of quality adult movies. You can access, stream, or download the film of your choice with this add-on.

  • Private Chat Room

Heated Affairs hosts multiple adult chatrooms, but if you want to create one of your own, you can for a fee. As the host, you can select who to invite in your private chat room.

There are just too many functions, and frankly, some may not be used by the paying member at all. So as not to overpower the user, The features mentioned above are presented as add-ons, meaning the costs of these add-ons are outside the standard Gold Membership fee. You may mix and match the functions you want to avail on top, or even without, a Gold Membership at Heated Affairs.

Discreet Adult Fun

The first rule of affair dating? Be discreet. Part of the thrill is in hiding your naughty exchanges behind your partner’s back, and Heated Affairs understands that. Also, people cheat because they want to revitalise or experience something new. It’s cliche, but the sexual relationships brought about by affairs are more satisfying and liberating.


And so, Heated Affairs combined the two: discreet adult fun.

The news feed is brimming with NSFW photos and broadcasts by the members themselves. If you want to stream shows, you may view those performed by amateurs or the ones done by professional live cam models.  

Since almost every click and feature is engineered for your adult satisfaction, Heated Affairs makes sure your privacy and identity is secured. Members are forced to use screen names and are encouraged to verify their emails AND their accounts. Billing is also done discreetly, with*FRIENDF as the merchant in your statements.


Engaging in an affair is not for everyone, but if you’re into having one, online platforms like Heated Affairs may help you. Are you itching to get started with your extramarital hanky-panky? Sign up at Heated Affairs now—it’s 100% free.

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