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Very Bad
  • Dia**** 57 years

    My experience report is this:- no matter how many times I adjust my distance filters to reflect a reasonable number of kilometres from my location, th... ey revert back to the maximum distance and I get matches from people all over the state and even interstate which is completely unviable. Furthermore, when I readjust the filters (every time I open the app) there is always NOBODY within a 50 kilometre range of where I live in south west Sydney. NO ONE? That seems very strange to me. I have messaged Lumen repeatedly about the distance filters and received no reply so I am pretty disappointed with the site as a whole. «»

  • Deni*** 56 years

    I’m just not getting any responses from the messages I’ve sent so wondering if they’re actually being seen?

  • Patr*** 60 years

    Chat rooms are great but seems only the same 4-5 people are chatting.It's not free as advertised but no surprises there.Spotted a 'catfish' that I r... eported and he's still available. No one responds to report or my concerns.What's really disappointing is nearly 100% of matches sent to me are interstate, one distanced 3,700kms away LOL.I won't be racking up frequent flyer points in order to meet this guy. Where are the subscribers in my state?...and yes I have set preferences with a distance limit but guess Lumen has to send me something and of late after just over a month, matches at all in the whole of Australia. I am gobsmacked.I have wasted money on yet another useless dating site. «»

  • Ashl*** 55 years

    Extremely poor customer service. Only one payment option. It seems to be set up to collect money and not provide a service. Client services obviously ... understaffed as they never answer unless it comes to you leaving. Sadly, the platform is old and it not new, just renewed. «»

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