Presented by the dating experts at, comes the first global profile picture study divulging into the digital phenomenon known as online dating. With a 22 million profile photo analyzation completed by a deep learning algorithm, was able to produce an in depth study of Australian and international singles online based on profile photos. From appearance statistics and favorite location for a snapshot, to Toyotas and superhero costume photos: these are your average Australian daters online.

For those searching online for love or new acquaintances, it is well known fact that the first step is the gateway to a successful sequence. In a place where a “hot or not” decision is made within a fraction of real time, pixels come before personality. Therefore, the online dating comparison service has examined millions of profile photos on more than 6.000 different image factors. With this data, we were able to create accurate statements to assist both men and women in various age groups and sexual orientations on how to visualise online dating.

This meticulous deep learning algorithm has been able to analyze and show in detail what is in the profile image of the average online dater. Who shows the most skin? Men or women? What is the average hair colour of online daters? Do Australians really love surfing as much as we assume? In addition to these questions, the study also contains facts about other aspects of a photo - favourite photo locations, trends in animal varieties, selfie averages, popular beverage choices and much more...

Over thousands of different factors, including presentation, position, mood and colours were evaluated and recorded in graphic diagrams and texts. "After more than a year of analysis, we know exactly which photo motifs online daters prefer to utilise. This confirmed one or the other cliché, but most results completely surprised us. In any case, choosing the right profile requires lots of attention”, says online dating expert Chris Pleines of

Altogether, the Australian online dater uploads and average of 5 profile pictures, of which they can only be seen on about 63.4% themselves. Sayings, internet memes, landscape photos or animals make up the rest.
In addition to selfies (with or without snapchat filters), full body shots, e.g. on the beach or in the woods, are extremely popular. Younger men show off their sports or social escapades, while the older ones tend to display the achievements of their lives; vintage cars, sailboats and champagne bottles. For women, the younger generation flaunts their fun and friendly side while the older one focuses on culture and nature.

You will also learn in this study that in addition to clear motives, there are also hidden messages. As online daters show that they would like to either enter the port of marriage or set off on a new adventure through subtle - or not so subtle - hints. All curious and exciting insights, an infographic and related diagrams can be downloaded for free at