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Very Bad
  • Fra**** 58 years

    Size: the sheer number of membersThe chat is functionalI met 4 or 5 outstanding individuals/couples. Perhaps a dozen folks, some above some below av... erage. But the time investment was ridiculously high, and the outcome was not good enoughA toxic number of brats, self-absorbed, traumatised, entitled, punitive or otherwise narcissistic individuals.AMM limits/hinders correspondence for all standard members in many ways, yet much more for males to force them into a paid membershipExperience as a male: Most women will not respond at all, no matter how thoughtful your messages are or how well you match (on paper). Discouraged men send out increasingly shorter rubbish messages that will not trigger a response from any woman. Got it? A direct result of AMM management that is centered around the quintessential profit maximising The long profile format stuffed with pseudo information that put the 70s to shame. «»

  • Nata*** 35 years

    How their are some real people on the site I don't like how adult match maker keep fake profile up nate1891 profile is a fake person gives out fake p... ersonal contact information and when you complain they ban you and if you try to join again they ban you straight away i am going to keep complain about nate1891 until adult match maker does something about that person «»

  • Nath*** 40 years

    The way it is set out in what looking for How the women are all snobs on that site they are stuck up and even the ones who run the site are useless

  • Kat**** 35 years

    How easy it is to search for what you are looking for Nate1891 is a fake profile put up by adult match maker and when you mention it to them they don... 't want to listen there are lots of fakes on that site «»

  • Kat**** 35 years

    How you can choose the distance of people I don't like how guys leave the conversation when the send message button is sensitive and fake profile lik... e Nate1891 «»

  • Jam**** 54 years

    It's all bullshit.As seen in other reviews the majority of the profiles are very old which AMM keeps 'revolving'.You get replies that turn to nothin... g in a short space of time then nothing happens. AMM has there money and at that stage they don't have to play with you anymore! «»

  • Mat**** 41 years

    I've been a trial and paid member of AMM for close to 5 years. It's a decent site. I've had plenty of meets and hookups. If you don't put in the time ... to build a creative and interesting profile, you've only go yourself to blame. I can't think of any negatives, other than it not being great in regional areas. «»

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