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Very Bad
  • Skif*** 60 years

    Too many "entertainers" insufficient genuine women looking to meet

  • T****** 53 years

    Got the impression there is none real profile. Tried at different times to get in contact but never a replay!!!! Costs are expensive for really no ser... vice!!! «»

  • ro***** 50 years

    never signed up for any thing other than the free time,then began to notice the woman all used the same chat gave up,recently these guys be... gan asking for money ,I had never offered any imfo to them but they still threaten me.shame on you «»

  • woof*** 57 years

    Joined the site by accepting the 3 day FREE Full Membership Trial Offer, but I sent the cancellation letter through to make sure that the Membership d... idnt convert to FULL Paid Subscription as i only intended to run with the trial for the 3 days. When i returned back to the site a few days later i got a pop up screen popup offering me a further 7 day Free Trial membership and i thought sure ill take the extra new 7 days to go back and try and communicate again with the ladys i had sent the emails to during he initial 3 day Trial period. When i clicked on the new Offer Popup Screen it then just vanished and i was then again back on the site again as logged in. I then went and checked my email and my bank account, and found that they had sent me again the original Membership Join Up Terms and Conditions Email and had again swiped my Bank Account with a 3 mth Subscription amount of approximately $149 AUD, , but as i knew clearly that I had only clicked on an offer of a further FREE 7 Day Offer i was suspicious, and once again immediately sent an email in reply cancelling the membership upgrade and indicating that i had only clicked on and accepted the second trial offer for a further 7 days FREE TRIAL and had not authorised any payment to be made or obtained from me. As it was the weekend here in Australia and with time delays with Time Zones no reply came untill the Monday and they said i obviously didnt understand the membership i had taken up. I told them that was bullshit, and that i only took up the New Free 7 day Trial Offer, and have had no reply. I also find many ladies in my area online at wrong night time hours all at once like up at 3am when they would normally be in bed getting their Beauty Sleep. I now believe the whole site is a sophisticated SCAM, and the 7 day offer is no where documented on the site as being available, or made available by an email, and now they can deny that the offer existed or was made, and that im some dumb cunt who didnt know what i was signing. and of course they are in Austria not Australia . Id be interetsted to hear anyone elses experiences with this site, and hopefully this will deter as a WARNING to others NOT to join the site. «»

  • Soph*** 32 years

    Like most dating sites, this one has joined with porn companies and is attempting to ensure profit at every turn. What absolutely enraged me was that ... the top website headline area has a call for women to "broadcast for tokens" Essentially, under a guise of presumably a woman who might be horny and seeking a meeting with a potential person she might wish to have share mutually enjoyed, respectful casual sex with, will find the site is actually trying to recruit her as their 'xcamgirl' coopting what may have been a situation without profits involved to join the internet's disturbing agenda of dehumanising human relationships in order to turn a profit. Men are bombarded with endless popups trying to lure them to porn sites while women are bombarded with harassment to perform on a webcam to random strangers as their dehumanised masturbation material, and regardless of where you feminist politics lie of the sex trade, I think we can all agree that being upfront about what your website is about is something every internet user would agree is mandatory. It's one thing to advertise yourself as a website for women seeking webcam sex trade arrangements, but to pose as a dating site then try to make the women 'broadcast for tokens' is reprehensible. The website has been paid by at least 12 non/cam/etc site I could identify, and as I'm not advanced with It/tech etc I can only imagine what an experience would find. Like many of these sites, they are acting as a pimp but being covert about it and the worst is, they don't even verify if the women's age. They are targeting underage teen girls and trying to harass them into broadcasting on webcam, and the charging men to watch. The internet has become a Wild West and I simply cannot fathom why regulation is so slow and pathetic at keeping up. Perhaps governments need to employ some tech people rather than remain dithering idiots. «»

  • Jo***** 59 years

    It pretty much sucks. I paid for the weekly trial and made sure I cancelled my automatic renewal asap. You have to email badults, not web billing as ... they will tell you to just contact badults. Maybe I was doing something wrong but I got lots of kisses and friend requests but whenever I messaged, kissed or sent friend requests back I never received a single message. I also received a number of emails wanting to hookup but again when I responded they never replied. This makes me think that all of the profiles are fake just to keep you on it till the automatic renewal takes affect. It becomes suspicious when, if you're an older guy (like I am) and you check a profile that contacted you either through a kiss, friend request or email and it is from some 25 year old hottie. When you look at your matchcheck you see that you are not compatible in age preferences so it begs the question of why are they bothering to contact you. I never saw any * or C next to certain profiles to say that they were 'for entertainment purposes' so maybe I missed it or they have taken that feature out in order to trick you into thinking you are dealing with real women. The site works oK functionality wise but it seems like a complete scam if you think you will ever hook up with someone. I am so glad I only paid for seven days and cancelled my automatic renewal. To be honest, I haven't found any of these sites worthwhile but I would definityely pass on Badults if I was you. Maybe it would work if you were younger than me but still I think there are a lot of fakes on there. «»

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