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Very Bad
  • Vik**** 37 years

    App is OK with some good profilesWorst customer service and terrible management, they have a pure 'we do not care' attitude about the customers, all ... they want is your money. The app is ok but the customer care is very poor. My account was blocked because of some false reports (only because I did not entertain some matches I did not want to communicate with and they reported me put of anger), when I asked Bumble the reason (on their support chat on facebook) I received the same BOT-like reply "you violated our policy/guidelines etc etc" but I asked them to clearly tell me the reason and any evidence of my misbehaviour etc, they said 'we do not give reasons/evidences' and closed the chat. I was persistent (as I found it extremely rude how they blamed me of something I did not do) and they blocked me from their facebook customer support chat page, and have been ignoring my emails. I agree they are big and popular (because people like me made them popular), and for them losing one customer is no big deal but I was shocked by the way I was treated and falsely accused. «»

  • Vik**** 36 years

    The app provides some good functions and there are many genuine profiles with good intentions on the app.Bumble has blocked my account on two occasio... ns and kept the remaining of the subscription amount. They apparently block accounts based on a user's report/complaint, but the fact that anybody can leave a compliant (if you do not respond to their messages because you are busy or you politely say no to continue chatting with them for whatever reason) makes the whole process very unreliable and unreasonable. There is no telephone number to call the company and all emails to Bumble Support were ignored. After trying for many hours, I could get a hold of a customer care agent on Facebook Messenger and told him what happened and that I was wrongly accused by Bumble (was never rude, inappropriate or abusive to any user). The agent wrote on chat that an investigation has been conducted by several managers and they all found my behaviour to be inappropriate therefore my account was blocked. When I asked for specific reasons/justifications, the agent said "our decision is final and we do not have time to provide evidences". He then went ahead and closed the chat/ticket abruptly. I doubt there are any managers or anybody investigating such cases, and perhaps some BOT automatically blocks the account if it is reported by a user (no matter genuine or bogus claim). They don't respond to emails, there is no phone number to call so I doubt there is any real management. This makes the whole process opaque. I felt very insulted the way I was wrongly accused and my queries ignored by Bumble. Its disappointing being treated like this by a company I trusted. «»

  • Pa***** 47 years

    Very frustrating regard my self as a 6-8 out of 10 average guy. I'm to at least 500 likes, and not on like back.As soon as your membership runs out. ... Su please you get a random matchfrom 600km away who looks like they just finished a miss universe contest obviously a fake profile from bumble themselves) so you renew your membetship for 1 week. And guess what happens one week later when your membership runs out. Same thing.I'm ok with no one contacting me but don't like bumble sending fake like to keep you in and keep paying Anyway I'm ok with it but hate to think of what this does to people that can'tDon't spend too much money on bumble or time as it is a business at the end of the day.When you feel it's not fun anymore or your being conned just stop. «»

  • geor*** 35 years

    I have never matched with anyone on bumble and if i do it's always a fake spam or they have 24 hours to respond and never do i keep going on daily and... swiping right on 31/7/19 i checked my email and i had a notification that someone liked me from bumble then on the 2/8/19 i tried to log in to my account and i was blocked i contacted customer service and to ask them why they have blocked my account and they told me that they have had several complaints about my profile and. After an investigation and much consideration, we have made the decision to permanently block your account for being in violation of our guidelines. I told them what are you talking about told them that i have never even matched with any person so how can anyone complain against me and if they did complain i told them to show me poof and any evidence they have still not respond to my email and wont even give me a proper answer of what i did so if i could rate this app a -1 i would but it does not give me the option and i do not recommend this app and do not waste your money on this app and have a look at there negative comments and i cant wait for this app to go bankrupt and out of business cause it was made by a bunch of idiots «»