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Very Bad
  • J****** 52 years

    TERRIBLE service. When you wish to terminate your membership,They just keep charging your account. It's all money to them, terribleService and no su... ccess with quality, lasting relationships «»

  • Mick*** 60 years

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting email addresses accepted as v a lid so I can log on. The site keeps telling me my gmail addresses are not valid.

  • Wola*** 44 years

    C-Date is a complete scam with at least 99% fake profile pics. Avoid it like an STD. Perhaps some of the fakes are just low-level scammers, but some a... re using profile pics associated with notorious hacker teams.*** AVOID AVOID AVOID ***And try checking some real reviews with actual user experiences; wish that I had. There are plenty of negative reports out there. «»

  • Joe *** 40 years

    Useless site. All fake profiles and no responses to messages. It's a big con.

  • Sha**** 53 years

    I have only been a member for a short time but I have had very few responses to my messages. The couple of responses I have had have gone to email bu... t the women are not genuine. They have all had gmail accounts and cannot or refuse to respond to simple questions about there profiles. A lot of the matches provided are outside your selected search area including overseas. I will persist for a little longer and see how it goes. However, I have just received and email from one lady asking for money for a flight home and another who has sent photos from the internet of a model but saying they are of her. Be very careful as there appear to be a number of scammers prowling this website. «»

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