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Chat Hour is a chat kind of dating website. It is basically a site where users can join different chat rooms. Some of these chat rooms are created by Chat Hour members and are about different topics. You can see gender and location-based chat rooms, and choose from over a hundred different topics.

Joining a chat room is the most highlighted feature of the site. You can also meet and chat with specific users. Through this, you are able to connect with people in a more personal sense. The site may seem simple to use, but does it hold true to all of its expectations? We took a look at the site for you! Know about its features and functions in this comprehensive review.

New members at Chat Hour in July 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Chat Hour are developing compared to others

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Chat Hour Members

15,000 from Australia
Members activity
10,000 new members per month
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • Young adults mostly make up the membership
  • There are more men than women
  • Most of the members are straight singles
  • Most of the members are from the United States
  • There is membership across all age groups

Most of the members are from the United States, but there are people from other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Bangladesh, Sweden, Greee, France, Finland, Italy, Russia, China, and others who join the site.

The population is mostly on the younger side although you will find membership across all the other age grohps including the 65 plus age group. In terms of gender, there are more males than female as men make up almost 70 percent of the site. There are more straight singles on the site who are looking for some chatting partners and eventually a date or two.


Chat Hour Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Chat Hour

Chat Hour Signup
  • Fast and easy
  • Optional registration
  • No login via third-party apps
  • Create an account in 2 minutes

Chat Hour can be accessed without registration. Plus, you do not have to upgrade to any membership because all of its features can be used for free. Through this review, you can get to know whether Chat Hour can give you a different chatting experience.

But if you choose to register, it would not take too much time. In just a couple of minutes, you can join chat rooms or do some private chats with other users. But first, you must have a valid email address. The site will send your account's verification code or activation link in your email, and then you can verify your account. However, you can still join other chat rooms even without being registered. You will be signed as a guest, but you can only join limited free chat rooms. 

Making Contact on Chat Hour

Chat Hour Main Chat
  • Create or join different chat rooms
  • Send private messages or mails
  • Look for specific members using their usernames
  • Send friend requests or add them to favourites
  • Unregistered users have communication constraints

Chat Hour might seem like a usual chat website, but it offers different ways of connecting people together virtually. The fastest and the most basic way for you to use the site is to directly join chat rooms as a guest. However, as a guest or a non-registered user, you are only allowed to enter chat rooms and join the conversation thread but not send private messages. To be able to maximise your contacting possibilities, you need to create an account. As an eligible user, you have the privilege to use all the contacting features of Chat Hour, and they are all for free.

Aside from joining different chat rooms, you can also host or create a new chat room with the topic of your choice. Additionally, you can search for members by their age, location, gender, or directly by their usernames. You can also send them instant messages and emails. Plus, you can send 5 friend requests every day. However, you can only set 50 profiles as your favourites.

Chat Hour contacting options can really contribute to your online dating success. 

Chat Hour Profile Quality

Chat Hour Edit Profile 1
  • Profile information is not accessible publicly
  • Edit anytime
  • Profile detailedness is up to the owner
  • Photo gallery is viewable by everyone
  • Photos must pass regulations

    Setting up an account in Chat Hour is interesting. There are four different sections for you to answer. First are the basic questions, like your ethnicity, sexual orientation, what you're looking for, your status, and how often you use the site. Next is your personal information, like your first name, contact numbers, your other social media accounts, and other venues in which you can be contacted. The third one is for the wordy descriptions about yourself or anything you want your visitors to read whenever they go to your profile. The last section is for other information you might want to tell and share, such as your physical attributes, hobbies, interests, and achievements.

    You can also upload numerous photos, but they must meet the requirements in terms of file size and what they should not contain. Each photo can be set as either public or private. Only your friends can see your private pictures and vice versa. These pieces of information you share are only accessible to your friends. Only those basic details are seen by everyone. 

    Making your profile detailed can be very helpful to make you stand out among other users. 

    Chat Hour App

    ChatHour App
    • Available for both Android and iOS users
    • Free to download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store
    • Easy to use and navigate
    • Simpler to use than the web version
    • No chat room-like feature

    You can enjoy using Chat Hour anytime and anywhere through its mobile application platform. The app can be downloaded via Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. Unlike the web version, where the chat room is the most highlighted feature, it is quite different in the app. The Chat Hour mobile app is designed for sending direct and instant messages. You can also see other users' photo thumbnails, so it will be easier for you to search for interesting users to chat with. 

    Usability and design wise, the app version is simpler to use compared to its desktop version. More organised features and readable fonts are what you can expect from the app. 

    Chat Hour Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Registration
    • Join a chat room
    • Send an IM
    • Send a mail
    • Search users
    • Create a chat room
    • Upload photos
    • Add to favourites
    • View favourites
    • Send friend requests
    • Check who's online
    • Report a member

    Is Chat Hour expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Chat Hour is free of charge.

    Chat Hour is absolutely free. In order to use and experience the site's offerings, all you have to do is to sign-up. Unregistered users may have a few restrictions in terms of using the site's contacting features.

    Special Features

    Chat Hour has the following special features to make your stay even more enjoyable:

    Create a Chat Room

    There are hundreds of available chat rooms with different topics, such as love, sex, relationships, career, hobbies, religions, etc. These themed chat rooms are created by Chat Hour's users, and you can, too. Through this feature, you can create a chat room with your own chosen topic. You can also set it as either public or private. 

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    App: 3.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    Before the boom of social networking sites and mobile dating apps, these chat room based websites were what people typically used over the past 10 years. They went to these websites to connect with others from anywhere in the world.Chat Hour made some innovations to give its users a variety of ways to connect with other people. Yet, it seems that the site cannot give its users a secured community. Because the site can be accessed without a registration and users only use nicknames, it would be an easy venue for wrongdoings. Usability wise, there's no question about the site being a bridge to connect people together. Still, the safety of users (registered or non-registered) should never be compromised.If you are looking for a more interesting and trustworthy dating site, you better check out our Casual Dating category. 

    Chat Hour FAQ


    Can I register for free?

    Yes. Signing up in Chat Hour is absolutely free.


    Is there an available mobile app?

    Yes. Chat Hour mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. It can also be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store without charge.

    Is the site mobile-friendly?

    Yes. You can enjoy Chat Hour on tablet and mobile mode. 

    Is the site accessible worldwide?

    Yes. Chat Hour has users from every part of the world. You can access and join Chat Hour wherever you are.


    How can I change my username?

    It is not possible to change or edit your username. You may just delete your account and create a new one. 

    How can I change my email address?

    To change your email, click Menu >>Edit Profile >>Change my Email.

    How can I delete my profile photo?

    Delete your photo by simply going to your Profile. Then choose your photo, click Delete this Photo, and hit Ok


    Where can I receive the mails that other members send me?

    You can check your received mails directly to your given email address.

    What are the requirements of the photo to be uploaded?

    • Must be at least 90x90pixels 
    • Less than 1000KB or 1MB
    • File  must in jpg/jpeg type
    • Must not contain nudity

    How many friend request I can send in a day?

    Each user can only send 5 friend requests daily. You can also add only 50 profiles in your Favorites list. 

    Is it possible for me to delete a chat room I created?

    Yes. To delete the chat room you created, just go to My Profile, click the chat room you want to delete, then hit Customise Chat Room >> Delete Chat Room.


    Is it possible to report someone that I find offensive?

    Yes. To report a user, go to his or her profile, and hit Flag This Member. However, sending false submissions may cause suspension from using the site.

    I saw an obscene photo of another user. Can I report this photo?

    Yes. Simply go to the user's profile, check the specific image then click Report This Photo.


    How much does the Chat Hour membership cost?

    Chat Hour is absolutely free. To fully enjoy the site, just create an account.

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