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Very Bad
  • Joh**** 68 years

    Nothing When you talk to anobody they end up being a CG replyThe people who are interested in you are on line 24/7 and only want you to spend money ... on coin «»

  • R****** 69 years

    Easy to use site.The site is a fraud in my opinion, in about 6 weeks I have had over 1000 visitors, on at least 2 occasions I have had the same photo... with different profile, name & place of origin. When I viewed the same visitor with a different name, profile & area, I sent a chat back saying "BUSTED" and let them know I wasn't impressed, the reply was "That's not fair". I have had a few chats & the replies all seem to come from the same person, starting with a casual chat and then asking some question & evading answering questions I have asked. The chat directions all head in similar directions and are usually brief and in my opinion are designed to drain your coins as quickly as possible. When I visited another site iDates throws a heap of visitors, likes & messages to lure you away from the competitors site. I was asked to swap phone numbers with one visitor, I reluctantly sent my number and was replied with "I will call you when I get my new phone" it's all crap to get you in for no results & Age limits mean nothing. The old saying "NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL", well this guy will be using his last coins to let all know don't get caught. Lastly each chat costs $1.50 AU which works out dearer that most other sites. The iDates site should be put out of business. «»

  • Patr*** 47 years

    Good to look at sight easy to work withIt's basically a con. I only joined this afternoon lunchtime, I was describe as fresh meat which explains the ... high level of attention I received all afternoon. The women here promised to do all sorts to me if I keep talking to them and there is the con $9.99 for 280 coins sounds great!! let me tell you that equates to 6 messages to you can't build a conversation or a "connection" around that, so you are constantly topping up to keep the conversation going and when you suggest to meet with them, they say "its too early, let's get to know each other more" so you top up again and that is the cycle. Stay away as its definitely a con I wasted money to save you money, unless you're sad, bored and lonely with a bottomless pocket. «»

  • Geo**** 80 years

    Your site is as phony as hell The return messages are written by someone on the site and having spent a lot of money I have realised this time and ti... me over again. Your site is no other than a ginormous scam «»

  • carl*** 54 years

    I have been taken for a bullshit ride by this site until it comes up with the 1000 coins that I purchased, I would not rush into it as it seems like a... con . «»

  • san**** 46 years

    IDates is a total scam designed to take your money and deliver nothing. All profiles are fake. Right after registration you will be receiving messages... from "interested" members to make you respond and spend coins. «»

  • cham*** 48 years

    I like the site but do not need services thank you

  • Henr*** 65 years

    I dates are sending me men's contact details I dates doubling up,on my money

  • Ste**** 53 years

    Too many fake profiles or paid actors on this site it is just a ripoff

  • Ste**** 40 years

    I have found this site a complete WASTE of time. I joined to meet people but what I have found is people say they want to meet but when it comes to it... they either want to keep messaging or give excuse after excuse why they won't meet. What is the point. It has cost me a small fortune to be STUFFED around and not meet even one person willing to actually meet up. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY AND MY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can also tell many of the picture do NOT match the bad english indicative of asian broken english and therefore possibly a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! «»

  • Paul*** 63 years

    Since joining iDates this year I have had over 50 responses. I cannot handle this many and need to clean up my account. I am sure other members feel t... his way also. So how do I cull those interests to reduce the number I have received. «»

  • Pat *** 65 years

    3 Months after talking to the one person, I'm still getting played. How does one person stay online 24/7 and when they chat, you just know it's a diff... erent person. You never get to meet someone. it's all about give me time, be patient. The site is crap. «»

  • Paul*** 63 years

    I am always worried about scamming on any dating site as this has happened to me on too many occasions from Ghan, Nigeria, Syria, United Kingdom, USA... and my own country of Australia. However whilst I have asked iDates to check out a particular lady this is now not necessary as I am confident in most women that contact me. «»

  • Paul*** 63 years

    I find the site somewhat similar to a poking machine. You watch your coins go down at a rate of notes and I wonder if the ladies on the other end get ... any money out of this. The motives of the ladies are very diverse which leaves me suspicious. They will just NOT LEAVE THE SITE for other chat options. I have 5 of them. So, I stick to my guns. When enough is enough I just stop but some continue to hound. I also hate the stamp method. Do you not have period payments or do you still have to put coins in? I'd love another 150 complimentary coins.. «»

  • Trev*** 55 years

    It's easy to view and select opposites to get to know, and they seem genuine. The coin system is okay, but it's a bit expensive. It burns up quickly, ... especially when opposites only respond to messages or answer questions. Very few lead to conversations about more than one subject in a single sentence. I'm led to believe that women are compensated somehow on the system, as they nag, abuse, taunt, and complain if you don't contact them. I treat it like a lolly shop - I look at a lot, but only get my favorites. Why buy sours when you like sweets? The conversion rate from advertised AUD$ to Euro (which they take because they're based in Holland) is more than the advertised price you pay. If you're single, beware - there are married and partnered women on the site, and their bios are often fraudulent when it comes to age and other info. Some profiles are not filled in or falsified. Anyway, be selective, and you can have fun. Remember, you're in control. They will take advantage of vulnerable people and pull on heartstrings to gain suggested benefits. I believe that women receive some sort of compensation for being an opposite (i.e., female) on the site. «»

  • An***** 50 years

    found a lot of fake profiles , and the charge of AUD 1.70 per message is just to high

  • Jo***** 61 years

    Many contacts, who throughout chats changed tone and phrasing , it was like I was talking to different people. Found out that at least 6 of the pics f... rom profiles were also on dating sites in Russia, Germany and America all loaded originally in 2015. Could not get any meetings, was told by 1 person meeting would be a waste of time happy to chat only. «»

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