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SDC or Swingers Date Club is currently one of the world's largest international communities for swingers.

Established in 1999, the swinger site has been, since then, the number one provider of pleasure, fun, and excitement to singles and couples. Their goal is to allow couples (and singles as well) to swing and explore their erotic fantasies through their different events, travels, parties, and other features.

The site has a huge database with over 3 million members worldwide. It is available in many countries, but most of its members are from the United States and the Netherlands. Although headquartered in the Netherlands, SDC operates globally.

SDC claims it is not only a dating platform—it's the top source for expert information that will aid you towards the perfect and orgasmic erotic journey. But is it? We dived into the popular swinging website to see for ourselves.

New members at SDC in December 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at SDC are developing compared to others

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SDC Member Structure

80,000 from Australia
Members activity
40,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
20 %
28 %
52 %
  • Welcomes all kinds of individuals regardless of sexual orientation and preference
  • Majority of the members are different types of swinger couples (straight, gay, lesbian, etc.)
  • For singles, there are more male than female members
  • Members are expressive and informative in indicating what type of sexual experience they prefer

SDC has over 3 million members around the globe. If you make a quick search, most of these members are from the United States and the Netherlands. In Australia, it has almost 80,000 users.

The platform is a popular swing lifestyle community among adults. It is favoured by couples, whether straight, gay, lesbian, etc. Users are very particular in detailing their preferred sexual activities and what exactly they are looking for.

It gives you the chance to experience your most profound and wildest sexual desires; thus, boredom is something you won't experience while using this platform. Plus, it opens other possibilities that you can explore, even those that you never expected you'll try.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at SDC

SDC Sign-up Form
  • Signing up is easy but it takes time to finally complete the process
  • You can sign up with your partner as a couple
  • Your pictures need admin approval before they can be publicly posted
  • No immediate match suggestions

Registering for an account in SDC is easy, but it takes some time. You will need about 5 minutes or more to complete the process. This is because the platform requires you to answer many questions first like your swing status, what you're searching for, etc.

You'll be asked as well if you're signing in as a couple or an individual looking for swing dates. It's all worth it, though, as this is the admins' way of promoting your profile to other members that suit your taste and preferences.

Once registered, you need to verify your account before proceeding. Check your email and click the link that the site has sent you.

After that, you can immediately fill in your other profile information and upload great pictures to get noticed and experience more action. But you can always do this later should you choose not to complete your profile first.

An upfront premium membership is also offered once you start utilising the site's functions. They immediately offer their 7-day free trial that allows you to enjoy some paid features (but still with limitations). You may, however, choose to update your membership immediately.

Making Contact on SDC

SDC Contact
  • No match suggestions; only free search options
  • Free search displays members who are online
  • Profile images of other members are visible, but there are many pictures that are on private mode
  • Search filters are comprehensive and detailed
  • There is a chatroom

Contacting other members in SDC requires premium membership. Even the 7-day free trial won't allow you to message any other member. Likewise, you can always enter the chatroom of the country of your choice, but the site won't allow you to join and interact with others.

This isn't surprising as the moderators are only implementing their safety measures. SDC is not your ordinary dating site. Precautions are necessary to ensure your safety.

Once you avail of the premium membership, however, communication becomes very useful. There are many swing couples and singles that show their interest to other members by directly contacting them. Moreover, they are very straightforward in telling you what types of swing individual they're looking for.

If you happen to be their type and you want to have some fun time with them, you can ask them to validate your profile. Validation is a unique feature that lets other members give reviews to others, indicating how genuine and real a member is. 

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SDC Profile Quality

SDC Profile Page
  • There are three available types of account for members: business, singles, couples
  • You can upload public pictures, private pictures, and photo albums
  • View full-sized profile pictures even with a standard account
  • Individual images and information may be unlocked for specific members
  • Profile information is divided into several sections like physical appearance, swing status, description about yourself, etc.
  • Other members' profiles are very detailed and informative
  • Website uses very detailed profile testing and monitoring systems to assure the authenticity and integrity of an account.

    Certainly, getting a real date in this swing platform is legit. While it is true that there are fake profiles, there's only a small chance that you'll encounter them.

    As mentioned earlier, the site takes pride in providing only safe and effective dating parties and events to its users. Thus, they are really strict when it comes to scammers, fraudulent accounts, and decoys. Additionally, you can always report anything you find suspicious.

    There are three kinds of profiles available on SDC: single, couple, and business. Yes, business profiles are available on SDC. However, when you start to register, you are only given two options which are single and couple.

    Based on our research, the business profiles are paid and you need to directly contact the company before you can create an account. These businesses are the clubs, bars, and swing communities that hold parties and events for swingers.

    Note as well that you can always edit/change your profile information, particularly the description about yourself, about page, and photos. This action is free during the 7-day Free Trial, but you need to be subscribed to be able to do this once the trial period expires.

    SDC App

    SDC Mobile App
    • Free to download on Google Play, iTunes, and Windows
    • App's design and functionality are clear and appropriate
    • Easier to use and navigate compared to the full site, but loading is slower
    • Available on all types of android smartphones
    • Functions the same way as the full website

    SDC's mobile application functions exactly the same way as the full website. You can even use it to upgrade your account to full membership. You can book travels and put your name on guest lists as well by using it.

    One thing you should remember, however, is that it needs a reliable and strong internet connection to be useful. Since the platform offers its full site's features on the app, it might take a few minutes before you can finally fully load a page.

    If in case, however, you can't access the mobile application, SDC is also available on a mobile website. This means you'll be able to access it as long as you have a browser on your phone.

    SDC Real Life Review

    "I got to admit, SDC really gave me and my wife the thrills and excitement we've been looking for in other swing lifestyle communities. We didn't just get to enjoy meeting other folks that are ready for the kind of sex games we're up to. We were able to explore things we've never thought we would try. I would recommend this dating site to anyone really looking forward to taking their sexual pleasure to new heights." - Businessman, 39

    Design and Usability

    The design of SDC's website seems to be quite plain. It's elegant looking as it's dark and simple, yet it somehow lacks appeal.

    Moreover, there are so many blank spaces once you reach the end of each page. Despite it all, however, the site is functional and easy to navigate.

    It doesn't take so much time before you completely learn how things work. You just really need to be patient in checking all of its features so you can get the best out of it.

    SDC Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Engage in speed dating events
    • Become part of SDC communities
    • Add travel plans to the Travel calendar
    • Use the invitation program
    • Include yourself in the photo and video spotlight
    • Add your photo to the SDC login page
    • Include a second profile location
    • Post parties (but pending approval)
    • Get updated by new offered travels
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    Fee-Based Services
    • Contact other members
      May be restricted due to members' individual settings and preferences
    • Update or change your profile
    • Access to the webcam chatroom
    • Validate and be validated by other members
      Validation is a special feature that boosts your popularity and proves your authenticity -- a proof that your profile is not fake.
    • See all profiles and pictures
      May be restricted due to members' individual settings and preferences
    • Use the Instant Messenger
    • Add posts in the Swingers blogs
    • Offer your service to other members
    • Join a party and add yourself in the guest list
    • Access to the voyeur cam
    • Participate in different site contests

    Is SDC expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers SDC is above average.
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    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Full Membership
    You will be charged with US Dollars.
    1 Month29.95 USD / Month29.95 USD
    3 Months19.98 USD / Month59.94 USD
    6 Months16.66 USD / Month99.96 USD
    12 Months12.50 USD / Month150.00 USD
    Lifetime Membership
    1 Lifetime250.00 USD / Lifetime250.00 USD
    SDC Price
    Payment Options
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card
    • Direct Debit
    • Cash
    Payment discretion
    • Billing will show up on your credit card statement as SDC Media Inc or Multisafepay.

    Just like any other dating platform, SDC offers both free and paid membership. As shown above, you can choose for how many months would you like your subscription to lasts.

    They actually have another option aside from those four. From time to time, they offer their lifetime membership promo which costs USD250. They usually make press releases when they are about to implement this once in a lifetime huge discount. Thus, if you want to avail of it, make sure you're always online to check any press release.

    Another good news is that SDC offers a 7-day free trial once you register. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a premium membership, but still with limitations. Such limitations include:

    • Webcam chat room: You can read the chats, but you're not allowed to join.
    • Validating members: You can receive validations, but you can't validate other members.
    • Access to profiles/pictures: You will only see the first picture.
    • Use of the Instant Messenger: You can receive IMs, but you can't send one.
    • Access to the Swingers blogs: You can only read first. You may not post yet.
    • Offering service to other members: You can view offers, but you can't accept them yet. You may not also offer your service.

    If you upgrade your 7-day trial to premium membership, all of these restrictions will go away and you'll be entitled to full enjoyment of the site.

    With regard to the renewal of your subscription, your premium membership automatically renews every after the end of your chosen terms (plan). You may turn this off by going into your Account Settings page. 

    Special Features

    Truth is, you won't get bored with SDC whether you're a full member or not. They have many special features that require full membership, but there are also those that do not.


    Under this tab, you'll get to enjoy the following:

    • See who's online
    • Sort, filter, and save your search options
    • Join speed dating events - For full members only
    • Manage your travel calendar - You can insert your travel plans here to let others know that you'll be visiting their city/country.
    • Blogs - Reading is for free, but posting your own blog posts requires full membership. Blogs are usually about swinging tips and advice, and experiences in parties and events.
    • Watch videos of other members - For full members only
    • Join or vote on their contests - Only paid members may participate. They will vote or give their ratings to the contestants. Contests are, for instance, who has the most beautiful face, bosom, etc.
    • Join parties and club events - For full members, you can add yourself to the guest list without directly contacting the club.
    • Visit SDC's travel website and book yourself a room for their upcoming events
    • Validate someone or ask validation from someone who's willing


    In here, you have the following features:

    • Mailbox - Lets you send and receive messages to/from parties/club events.
    • Messenger - Allows you to connect with other members instantly and privately. Full membership is required.
    • Contacts - Provides you an option to create your own contact list by saving other members' profiles. This also requires full membership.
    • Chatroom - Allows you to join a chatroom, depending on the country of your choice. You may not, however, use it without paying for an upgraded full membership plan.
    • Voyeur Cam - This feature requires you to be a full member and have a flash player on your desktop computer or mobile phone. You'll see here real-time live shows of singles and couples having fun at the moment.
    • Groups - Access to the groups you have joined in, and other groups you would probably want to be a part of
    • Viewed Me - A list of those who have viewed your profile and have shown interest on you

    SDC Promo

    This is the site's way of promoting their website. You'll have:

    • Affiliate Program - You can partner with SDC and be popular by signing up for their affiliate program application.
    • Promote SDC - A template is provided and you can just put in the email addresses of your friends and colleagues. They will then receive an invitation from SDC, mentioning that you have referred them.
    • Bracelets - These are paid items that you may avail of if you want to enjoy discounts from shopping stores, events, and parties that are affiliated with SDC.

    Profile Visit

    When you visit a profile, you'll also get to have the chance to do the following:

    • Send the account owner an email - For full members only
    • Check their history - For full members only
    • Add notes to such member's profile
    • Give such member validation 
    • Bookmark such member and save them in your contact list
    • Invite such member to a party/event
    • Like the profile of such member

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 5.0 / 5
    App: 3.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    If you're a swinger looking for real fun and excitement, then SDC might be the home for you. Evidently, it's not your typical dating site that matches individuals according to their personality or preferences. It's more than that as it offers parties, events, travels, and other exhilarating features. It is probably one of the best swing lifestyle communities out there. Although it lacks some important attributes like the refund policy, we think it's a better option than other swinger dating sites. After all, it has many other features you can enjoy. Even without the refund policy, you'll surely get the best out of it assuming you're really into a swing community. Plus, this home for swingers actually values your privacy. Want to try out the swing lifestyle? Sign up now!
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    What is SDC?

    SDC stands for Swingers Date Club. It is one of the biggest swinging lifestyle websites today with over 3 million members worldwide. This erotic dating site aims to provide fun, pleasure, and excitement to single and couple swingers.

    Is SDC free?

    The platform offers both free and paid features. Basic membership requires no payment, but you need to subscribe to their plans if you want to enjoy the site's most important functions.

    Is SDC safe and legit?

    Yes, the site is safe and legit. Although quite liberated, it has safety measures to prevent fraudulent and malicious acts that violate their terms and conditions.


    How does SDC work?

    SDC allows couple and single swingers to look for members who are up for some exciting sexual acts. It gives you the option to utilise all its functions according to your preferences. 

    Additionally, some of its members hold parties where you can add yourself as part of the guest list if you are a premium member. These members are sometimes erotic clubs and bars that are within your vicinity. The site itself organises parties, gatherings, and travel events every once in a while. 

    Why can't I message other SDC members?

    You can message other members as long as you can see the green messenger icon next to their login names. Without the green messenger icon, however, that means the member has specifically turned off his messaging functions. 

    Why is my second location in SDC not working?

    Your second location will not be considered as the "second location" if it is less than 15miles/25km away from your first location.

    May I change my swing status from single to couple or vice versa?

    Yes, you may. However, you need to contact the site's help desk so they can assist you. Before contacting their personnel, you also need to make sure that your profile text (information) and pictures are updated. This shall help their customer support determine if you're suited to change your status.

    Does SDC offer special features?

    Yes. In fact, they offer glamorous special features like parties and events. As to the website's functions, they have chat rooms, live videos, and more.

    Costs and Payment

    Is the premium membership in SDC expensive?

    It is quite expensive compared to other dating sites (swing communities). Rest assured, the features and spectacular events are worth the money if you're really looking for a swingers club.

    Is my SDC membership automatically renewed?

    Yes, all accounts are automatically renewed unless switched off by their owners.

    Do I need to pay to be a part of any party's guest list?

    Adding yourself to a guest list requires full membership. If you are already a full member, however, there wouldn't be any additional payment anymore.

    Are the travel offers free of charge?

    You can access travel offers of other members even without the subscription. However, other things such as tickets are no longer part of the site's services. For this, you'll have to pay for whatever the organiser will require.


    Is my SDC profile protected?

    Yes, your profile is always protected. The admins make sure that all accounts are validated through their safety measures. Aside from that, you can optimise your account according to your preference, and limit the information you want to share with others.

    Can I permanently delete my profile?

    Yes, you may permanently delete your profile by going to the Account page. 

    What are SDC's terms and conditions?

    You may check SDC's terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other rules and regulations by clicking the links of these pages on their website.

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