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Very Bad
  • ca***** 74 years

    There are some nice people on itI have been unable to access my account for days on end. So I cannot respond to people or send a message about a chan... ge in plan so I must seem like a very rude individual. I have emailed a number of times to Orsa MurphyCustomer Care SilverSinglessupport@silversingles.comI have not received an answer 4 days later and am still unable to access my account. It is a very badly supported site.... once they have your money.I would recommend staying away from Silver Singles. «»

  • Lu***** 63 years

    Very little. Full of fake profiles.Location of members is inaccurate.Search filters do not work"Matches" do not match my criteria.Expensive.Dist... ance filter especially does not work.Not built for Australia - need to have a State identifier. Rarely receive response suggesting fake profiles.Can't re-take 'personality' survey.VERY VERY difficult to find cancellation option. «»

  • Bmar*** 68 years

    Silver singles certainly allows you to meet people. Its site is however a little clumsy. Because you can not pause usage, many on the site are inactiv... e. The postcode of 2000 automatically loads and many do not realise they can change it so they are registered as Sydney or parliament house. The billing cancellation is difficult to find and I was refused cancellation/refund even though they mention 3 days grace. Profiles immediately go live before you are ready to start. I think it is expensive for what is supplied in Australia. Going on and not paying would be useless «»

  • Leig*** 77 years

    They make it impossible to leave. They say "Navigate to your account via the MENU. They should provide a LINK but they don't. I have yet to find this ... (rude word) menu. «»

  • Renn*** 59 years

    I just wanted to find a friend, but most of the men are looking for a life partner.As I have never been married, it is completely daunting.As someon... e with a physical disability, there appears to be no men with same, orthey simply do not mention it, so it appears they are all supermen with no physical problems.As a female in her 50s the second I put that I have a back problem I suddenly realised the stark contrast and felt I was "not good material" so I preferred to cancel. I felt like an imposter. That's not their fault, just a strong reaction in my mind. I realised I just might not ever be ready to date using this service, so wanted to pull out, but I have had no response by email and have no phone number for silver singles australia. Then I discovered their policy, while recognising a statutory 3 day cooling off period, doesn't allow a refund where you have actually used the service. I believe this is a manufactured loophole designed to con premium members out of their rights. A cooling off period is about "time" and not about whether or not you used the service. It is a trial period not related to use, but time and money spent. Their excuse is a con. I had tried to use the service for free before signing up, but it wouldn't let me look at any profiles and just kept putting up the "sign up and pricing rates" continuously. «»

  • Nico*** 52 years

    The silver singles website does not advertise that it not only costs money (definitely the higher end) and also that you have no choice but to join fo... r a contracted amount of time. Unfortunately this is not realised till after you've spent 30 minutes filling out the profile section. The lack of transparency here was a bit annoying and automatically turned me off. As such I haven't committed to join and therefore unable to comment on usage - perhaps this is why there is such a slow uptake? It's a great idea but for people dipping their toe in the water for the first time, a trial period might be something to consider. «»

  • r****** 58 years

    hi i have been with this dating site now for four weeks and yes not that long --- in that time i have have over 80 matchs and 40 visits sent a few smi... les and sent a lot of messages, you know the meet greet where you say hi and a bit about yourself, well not sure if i am do it all wrong --- i know i am not the best looking knight in the castle -- but hey very little response to any of my messages --- one woman responded " sorry romantically un interesting -- i know harsh right but at least it awas response --- i know that messages where looked at because a green arrow appears next to photo and under there id name -- i am now looking on my reflection and seeing what i am doing is wrong -- but if woman on this site are looking for a romantic connection they may want to look at adult friend finder -- """just as a suggestion"""" -- so considering options if want to continue --- these sought`s of things is what makes love hard find -- but i acknowledge that i am part of the problem but a solution is bit more elusive but will stay on the site for a while longer and try another approach but do not like not being my self -- i do not wish to form a relationship on a deception -- that`s some one actual responds --my experience on this site has left some what tenuous -- will see if can update this in future «»

  • Lucy*** 58 years

    If this site is for singles 50 yrs. and older, why are you accepting men in their 40’s and one who is 23 yrs old??????? The 40 year old was just looki... ng for sex and the 23 year old was looking for a mommy to pay his way. I’m so very disappointed in this site. «»

  • Ju***** 69 years

    I met a man and chatted for a couple of weeks. He seemed very nice and we were getting along well. Suddenly, he asked to borrow a large sum of money... . When I said no, he became very insulting and cruel. Obviously, a scammer. Would not use Silver Singles again «»

  • Roha*** 59 years

    Hi, I met the most amazing lady on SilverSingles and we were together for over a year. I’m 59yo and highly recommend this site as there are a lot of g... enuine people looking for that someone special. Go in with an open mind and don’t be afraid of rejection, remain positive and go with your gut feeling. I wish all of you the very best in finding love and happiness. «»

  • Coll*** 51 years

    DO NOT WASTE your money.Seriously, Tinder is better. What a joke....

  • Lori*** 62 years

    Have used the service for a few months now but have never had anyone contact me in the first instance. I have sent out smiles and some messages and h... ave had some response but wonder why no one has contacted me first. I also sent a letter to the customer service centre in America but have had no reply. I did wonder if I had been scammed. They have put down a wrong address for me and I can't change it. I would like to be able to contact someone in customer services easily. I do find the site frustrating. «»

  • Mich*** 60 years

    I found the offer to view profile photos free to be less then honest. Yes you can view photos for free but they are heavily pixelated and blurred so y... ou can’t determine who or what you are looking at. As for the free messages? You seem only able to send one to any given profile and you are not allowed to reply to messages while on the free account. A factor that makes the free account useless. As for the pad accounts? I had considered signing up given the option to pay monthly payments. This option was not available with the whole payment expected up front. For a service that claims to be free and the easy it has proven no different then hundreds of other dating sights. For me experience has been negative. «»

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