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Very Bad
  • Gr***** 70 years

    Nothing. It is a complete fraud.Like other reviewers have reported, this is a money sucking site. Expensive to sign up for a minimum of 6 months and ... incredibly difficult to cancel. In the 10 days I was on the site I connected with 3 (!) advanced scammers, at least one of which I found used a stolen identity. Shocking in every aspect of deception. STAY AWAY!!!! «»

  • J****** 59 years

    Over 50s single siteDeceptive marketing and payment processing - when I tried to not go ahead and close the site, it charged me for 6 months. I am no... t in dispute with them and my bank. I never put in the 2nd step of my authentication process (a NetCode from CBA) but they were able to charge anyway. Getting hold of them and cancelling is a nightmare. BEWARE! «»

  • St***** 51 years

    NothingVery bad site with a high proportion of fake profiles. In 6 months of membership I never met anyone. I did not realise that the subscription... renewed automatically without providing an opportunity to extend until I was locked out of the site and sent a demand for payment of $317. I contacted customer service to request closure of my account but received a response indicating that they would not do so until I paid the outstanding debt. It seems that they intend to charge me every 6 months until I pay the amount that they claim I owe them, «»

  • Jef**** 58 years

    Nothing RUN RUN RUN>STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS.Fees magically double, people on their data base can have up to SIX different profile s(same person)... .Person who contacted me didnt know what was on her profile, everything she told me about herself was diametrically the opposite of what was on her page, and good luck getting out «»

  • Geor*** 63 years

    Not a lot. Terrible and certainly dishonest. People of other sites like Be2 and far too many scammers easily deploying scams to try to lure unsuspecti... ng people. In fact I classify Singles50 as untrustworthy. You might be lucky but they make cancelling renewal far to challenging and there is no protection and security is extremely overstated. Terrible and certainly dishonest. People from other sites, like Be2 and far too many scammers easily deploy scams to try to lure unsuspecting people. In fact, Singles50 is untrustworthy. You might be lucky to find someone but they make cancelling renewal far too challenging and there is no protection and the security that they give assurances of is extremely overstated. «»

  • grah*** 78 years

    Single50 will not accept my debit card for payment of my account and my selected woman thinks I am ignoring her. I need help.

  • Adri*** 40 years

    Worst i have been on and they make it nearly impossible to Cancel. I am still trying

  • Ell**** 54 years

    This is a terrible membership. Absolute rubbish when trying to cancel. Who the bloody hell has to fax overseas to do this? I will never ever use this ... website and will tell everyone I know not to use it. Load of shit «»

  • Ann**** 51 years

    Terrible - Cannot make a profile with your wordsThe choice is poor, non contactable or not compatibleFake profiles, which surprised me because of ho... w much I paidToo expensive for little return and little interactionCancellation of a paid subscription is overseas fax or post - what a load of crap! - why not emailPOF is far better and only costs $20 per month and easy to cancel.Unable to contact customer support as there is no contact details - so much for guarantee «»

  • Stev*** 54 years

    Low quality of women on the site their filter search is useless, the real woman on here of quality are fake profiles to suck you in.Absolute nightmar... e trying to cancel Premium Membership and absolute scam. «»

  • Ja***** 54 years

    Poor matches, poor screening

  • Man**** 55 years

    This site is awful. Most people who message me (actually could be all of them) have no photo. All matches suggested have registered zero interest wi... th me. The pricing when I signed up was subjective and misleading and I do not consider the service worth anything that I have had to pay for it. A total waste of money. «»

  • R****** 65 years

    I have been successful in finding a partner

  • Carm*** 60 years

    Singles 50 does not have risk control and allows fraudulent people to be on the site. I have only been on now for approximately a month, my first time... on a dating app, and have been shocked by the amount of false profiles by men from overseas with false photos luring women for money. My complaint is really about the amount of profiles that are suspicious and thus questioning Singles50 policies to protect the vulnerable. Can I please have a refund of my subscription fee as I no longer want to be exposed to these practices? «»

  • N****** 55 years

    When you try to leave they ask for extra data like your postal address and signature and ask that its FAXED to them in luxembourg. If you try to leave... via email cancellation they say its by scanned email attachement or letter. They do not have your signature or possible your postal address so why do they need it suddenly when you try to cancel. Why would they need all that extra data . The results is they keep taking money and you have to get onto your credit card company to stop them and make an official complaint about them. «»

  • Step*** 65 years

    Scam after scam attempt. Not one genuine response.

  • Ian *** 59 years

    I have just received an email from a match that I was interested in. The email is very detailed but almost identical to an email I received from my fi... rst match. My first match has had some very strange responses and I believe it is some sort of automatic response. I do not believe these are actual people «»

  • L****** 56 years

    There is inequality towards men on this site.Why is it women get to see photos and be able to read and write messages and can’t...UNFAIR & BIASED..

  • Way**** 62 years

    This mob are CROOKS!. They stole over $200 from my credit card without my approval. They make is hard to cancel. There is no contact number or email a... ddress and you have to send a bloody FAX! to cancel the subscription - even if you didn't was to keep going.They are blood sucking mongrels who hide on the internet and scam money from innocent people «»

  • Lind*** 57 years

    Singles50 I think is a expensive site for someone on a limited income. I had plenty of messages but cannot access them unless I pay the premium fee be... ing for 6 months $260 AUD..Love the idea behind it being over 50 and the compatibility but of course it’s only what people put in whether true or not??Shame as I would like to use the site but due to the cost I would not recommend the site to anyone as you can’t even see a picture of a potential date. «»

  • Deni*** 53 years

    I signed up for this site with good intention. Only very received likes. If I did start talking to someone they suddenly disappeared or ignored me, co... ntact went cold. Got heaps of ‘likes’ and ‘smiles’ but nothing of substance. 2 contacts sent me their personal number or tried to get me to email them directly. I was on the site to connect with someone of substance and used the site to ensure my privacy. If I want to ‘hook up’ i’d Have used tinder. None of the contacts recommended by this site lived anywhere near me and most were over an hour and half away or interstate? This site has no substance. No morals (took my money and ran), no customer service, hides beside ‘internet wall’. Ladies stay clear! It’s a complete rip of of your emotions, self respect and money! «»

  • Clai*** 66 years

    Terrible. Expensive. Hard to get subscription stopped. 80 percent of matches were shorter than me by more than 6 cm. This is a deal breaker to me ... but there is no way I can tell them this. 2 were even women. They say 10 contacts guaranteed but over what time?I would give them zero stars. They charged me 79 for a month and it took 4 emails to get this stopped but i did not approve this continuing on my credit card.Awful hard to use site. Never again and not recommended. «»

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