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Bald Dating is not your average dating site. The app was created by the seasons dating app developer company DMCUBED, for singles who have bald heads or thinning hair and people who prefer bald partners. While Bald Dating is a niche away from what DMCUBED usually targets (kinky and fetish), they ensured that the Bald Dating app provides the same level of experience as their more famous apps.

Launched during the late months of 2020, Bald Dating has received wide media coverage – being featured in popular online publications and also appearing on sought-after tv shows such as The Late Late Show with James Corden.

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the dating app, so you can decide whether it’s worth becoming a member or not. Let’s get to it!

Bald Dating Members

8,000 from Australia
Members activity
100 daily logins
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • Not much members active on the dating site
  • Small member base
  • Members are mostly looking for relationship or friendship
  • Most members fall within the 35-54 age range
  • More male members than female

On their website, Bald Dating declared that they currently have over 100,000 members worldwide. Press articles also say that they acquired 1,000 members during their launch date. While these may be genuine facts, we found very few profiles to check and contact when we tested the dating site. Plus, the public chatroom is not really active – so that may be saying a lot.

Maybe there are 100,000 users during the first few months of the website, but they found no use in being active on the site? That’s just a guess. Or maybe, the site is just picking up its member activity. I guess you’ll only find out if you try it out for yourself.


Bald Dating Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Bald Dating

Bald Dating Register
  • Registration takes 5 to 10 minutes
  • All inclusive gender and sexual orientation
  • Using a proxy connection is not allowed
  • Uploading profile photo is not required
  • Account confirmation via email can be skipped

Bald Dating’s account registration is quick and easy. You just need to follow the sign-up process prompt, which includes providing your email address, age, gender, and sexual orientation. Bald Dating is a non-discriminatory, all-inclusive dating site. All gender and sexual orientations are listed in the dropdown so you can rightfully choose how you identify yourself.

After nominating a password and confirming that you are of age to use the dating site, you need to verify your account through your email address – though verification can be skipped. Whether you skip or not, you are led to a checklist-type page where you need to check your ideal match preferences. There is also a similar checklist you need to answer about your personality and interests.

An important matter you should know when signing up for Bald Dating is that you can’t use a proxy connection or a VPN when using the site. The dating site will detect if you’re using such a service and will disallow you to continue using the site. You will not be banned, but you need to turn off your proxy server. Not to worry, though, because the site does not limit matching you only with people in your area.

Making Contact on Bald Dating

Bald Dating Contact
  • All contacting features are free to use
  • Sending messages is free and unlimited
  • Instant chat is available
  • There is a public chatroom

Bald Dating doesn’t have that many contacting features. However, it offers the basic features of sending likes, messaging, and filters to search your ideal members completely free of charge. There is also a public chatroom where you can find and chat with other members of any gender and age outside your ideal preferences. 

While Bald Dating’s contacting features are free, we found limited use for them simply because there are very few active members on the site. Even when we expanded our search filters to include all members, it only showed us 3 to 5 people we can contact.

The public chatroom was not much of help as well. There weren’t any members actively chatting, but some members tried to spark a conversation, yet replies were sent after a few hours. 

Maybe, if the site accumulates more members, you’ll find more activity on the site. 

Bald Dating Profile Quality

Bald Dating Profile
  • Currently online indicator available
  • You can see how far away the other member is from your location
  • Members are able to see other profiles’ ideal type
  • Profiles show your interests and personality

    Profiles of Bald Dating members are short and don't contain many details about the member. It includes a profile photo on the top left side. Should the member choose not to upload a photo, you'll see a blank avatar. 

    At the right side of the profile picture, you'll see a colored circle depending on the member's current online status. If it's green, that means the member is currently active on the site. If it's yellow, that means he or she is currently idle. If you see a red circle, that means the member is currently offline. Beside this circle, you'll find the member's name and age. Underneath are the member's gender and sexual orientation. You can find the current location of the member below, plus the distance between you and that specific member. If the member uploaded more than one photo, you'd see his or her photo gallery below.

    Remember the checklist about ideal match preferences, personality, and interests upon signing up? You'll see the answers in paragraph form on each member's profile. After that, there's nothing else you'll see on a member's profile.

    Bald Dating App

    Bald Dating App
    • No mobile app available to download
    • Excellent mobile site
    • Mobile browser usability is better than the desktop browser
    • No difference from the desktop site

    Bald Dating is meant to be used using a mobile browser. This is why the dating site's usability using a mobile browser is better than when you use the dating app via a desktop browser. The mobile site provides a more compact page. Plus, the contacting features are easily accessible on your matches list. When you use the desktop browser, you have to go to the member's profile to send a like or a message. When using a mobile browser, these contacting features are available beside the names in your matches list.

    Bald Dating Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Sending Likes
    • Sending Messages
    • Use of Search Filters
    • Browsing Profiles

    Is Bald Dating expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Bald Dating is free of charge.

    Bald Dating is completely free to use.

    Bald Dating does not offer any premium membership – all the features are completely free to use. There are also no ads, so we are guessing that the company doesn't earn anything from this dating site except brownie points. It could also be that they're using this site to channel traffic to their other dating sites.

    Special Features

    Bald Dating has one special feature that it offers to its members:

    Public Chatroom

    Bald Dating has a public chatroom where members all over the world can talk. However, based on our test, the public chatroom is not active. There were very few members who sent messages, but no conversations were made.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 2.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 2.5 / 5
    App: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    The idea behind Bald Dating is magnificent – it caters to a niche of balding singles and those who like their partners with thin or no hair. It's also great that the site is completely free to use. So, even if you sign-up and don't find much use for it, you really have no loss. However, you must expect that Bald Dating is not that popular yet. There are very few members who are active on the dating site. This may be because it hasn't gained traction yet as it was only launched late 2020.If you're looking for a niche dating site that has many active members, check out our Niche Dating sites reviews and see if you'll find something you would like!

    Bald Dating FAQ


    Is Bald Dating a legitimate website?

    Yes, Bald Dating is a legitimate website registered in the United Kingdom.

    Who developed Bald Dating?

    Bald Dating was developed by DMCUBED, a popular dating app developer specializing in kinky and fetish niche dating apps.

    Is it free to use Bald Dating?

    Yes, Bald Dating is completely free to use.

    Do I have to be bald to join Bald Dating?

    Though the dating site's name is Bald Dating, it is not exclusive for bald people or people with thinning hair. Singles who have a full head of hair can also join if they prefer to date someone who is bald.


    How do I find matches on Bald Dating?

    You can find matches on the search tab of the dating site. These profiles are your matches based on your current set search filters.

    Is Bald Dating limited to your current location?

    No, Bald Dating is not limited to a certain area or location. You are able to see profiles from all corners of the world if you choose to.

    How do I send a message on Bald Dating?

    You can send messages to another Bald Dating member by going to his or her profile and clicking on the 'Message' button.

    Where can I see my sent messages?

    You can find all your current and past messages on the Chat/Alerts tab.

    What is the 'Chatroom'?

    The Chatroom is a public chatroom feature offered by Bald Dating to all its members for free.


    Is it safe to use Bald Dating?

    Bald Dating has the necessary safety precautions when using their dating site. However, users are still expected to be cautious of their online activity and be vigilant with fraudulent users.

    How do I report a user?

    You can report a Bald Dating member by going to his or her profile and clicking the 'Report' button. You have to provide a reason why you are reporting the user.

    Can I block a user on Bald Dating?

    The only way to block another user on Bald Dating is by clicking the Report button. If you choose to Report another member, that member is automatically blocked from contacting you or seeing your profile.

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