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Chat Avenue Review December 2018

Chat Avenue is one of the oldest chat sites in the history of the internet. Their operation is worldwide although the community mainly uses English as a language. It has 19 chatrooms overall that are divided to the following: Adult chat, Boys chat, Cam chat, College chat, Dating chat, Gay chat, General chat, Girls chat, Kids chat, Lesbian chat, Live chat, Mobile chat, Music chat, Sex chat, Singles chat, Sports chat, Teen chat, Video chat, and Video games chat.

Registration Process

Chat Avenue Registration
  • The member only has to enter a username to enter the chat rooms.
  • It only takes a few seconds to a minute to create an account.
  • You may upload one photo for the avatar.
  • The registration process is user-friendly.
  • You don't need to verify the email address you entered during registration.

You may or may not register if you want to access a chatroom. Just entering a username and signing in as a guest user will suffice. However, you may also choose to create an account with them if you want. You only need to enter your email address, username, and password. You may use this account everytime you visit the site. It will also ask you to login when you change chat rooms.

Profile Information

Chat Avnue Female Profile
  • You may add other people who have created an account on Chat Avenue.
  • There are a lot of fake profiles.
  • The site does not verify the identity of users but they store IP addresses.
  • The only thing you can change on your profile is the avatar/main image.
  • You may see the main image of another user.

The only information that the profile page holds is the username, image, gender, age, About me page, and online status. Although you may create an account, some chat rooms will only allow you to enter as a guest user. Some of these chat rooms are Adult chat and Sex chat.

Contacting Members

Chat Avenue Adult
  • You may send a private chat to other members.
  • Every chat room has a main chat space that is open for all members.
  • You may send a whisper to people inside the chat room.

There are no search options inside Chat Avenue. If you wish to talk to someone again, you need to be friends with him or her. Before you can add people, you need to have an account first. Once you created an account, your friends' list will be visible and you will be able to see who is online and not.

Consultation with members

You will encounter a lot of different people in Chat Avenue. Here are some of the conversations that happened inside the site:

Even if I told another person who is 19-years-old that I am only 15, he still asks if I like "coc k"

In the Dating chat room, I entered as a 28-year-old woman and everything went fine. Since this is a "Dating" chat room, I expected that people would be more inclined towards a longer relationship.

In the Video Games chat room, I joined as a 30-year-old man. Out of the three, I had the most decent experience in this chat room. People actually talked about video games.

Chat Avenue Teen
Chat Avenue Singles
Chat Avenue Video Games

Design and Functionality

Chat Avenue Rooms
  • The design is clear.
  • All the instructions are simple.
  • It helps that the rules and regulations always pop up before you can join a chat room.
  • The charging times are short.

The chat rooms have simple designs but you can definitely tell that they put some thought into it. Every chat room has its own theme depending on the room's topic. Emojis and avatars are also designed for each room.


I experience both the good and the bad in this dating site. First off, the chat rooms are always filled with people. You almost could keep up with the conversations because of the number of people. That is a positive thing for me. However, sending a simple "hi" to the public chat rooms will gain you at least 3 private messages asking if you like cuddles and dicks, even when I'm in a Girls chat room. Overall, I will still use this chat site for fun, when I'm bored. But honestly, this does not seem a good place to start looking if what I'm after is a serious relationship.

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Costs and Prices

The site is totally free.

Free Services
  • Creating an account
  • Entering as a guest member
  • Changing avatars
  • Participating in chat rooms
  • Adding people as friends
  • Sending private messages
  • Sending whispers
Fee based Services
  • The site is totally free.


Chat Avenue will give you what you ask for--even things you didn't. Since it is really easy to enter a chat room, you are never sure if there is a truth, even on the slightest, to who they claim to be. Even Chat Avenue recognized this and tells its users that "not everyone is who they seem to be." Unless you have been talking to and chatting to that person for a significant amount of time, you are not sure of his or her intentions. Users should always be vigilant especially since there is a high volume of people here who will definitely solicit for your videos or photos in specific chat rooms. This is not to say that there are no positive things to be found in Chat Avenue. Actually, there is. The site has made it easier for people in faraway places to connect through this platform. All the functionalities are free and they are cooperative with the authorities as they have mentioned inside the site. This may well be the reason why they are still operating after almost a decade. However, there are way too many red flags for abuse found on their users. If you want to keep your online dating safer, you may check out our Social Dating Apps category.



How do I use the chat?

First, select the appropriate chat category you would like to participate in. To enter the room, click Connect, enter a username (the other information is optional), then click OK, Connect!

How do I send a private message?

Click the name of the user you wish to send a private message to, then click the Private Chatbox icon.

What do Rooms do?

Clicking Rooms will show any other rooms that may have been created by users of the chat. Some can only be accessed through passwords chosen by the creator of the rooms.

How can I customise the chat window (fonts, colours, etc.)?

Click on Settings and then click the appropriate tabs at the top to change fonts, scroll speed, etc.


What is flagging messages?

You can "flag" messages from select users by highlighting the name of the chatter and clicking the "flag user" button. You can also assign font colours to them by clicking "settings" and going to the "fonts" tab.

How do I ignore another user?

If there is any repulsive chatter in the room, simply select his screen name in the user-list and click "Block" from the menu that will automatically appear on the left.

How do I private chat and/or video chat with someone?

You will be able to private chat with someone by clicking on their screen name and then clicking "Private Chat".

I cannot connect. It says I am banned from the chat. How long is the ban for?

For less severe actions, the minimum ban is 2 hours. For more severe cases, it is a lifetime ban.


Is nudity allowed on webcams?

No. You will be banned and possibly reported to your Internet Service Provider if you are caught. If you do see someone on webcam nude, please report that to a moderator or administrator immediately.

Are there any age requirements?

This site is for general audiences but you must be 13 or over to participate in the chat rooms.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Aside from IPs being logged to investigate violating chat users, the chat rooms do not collect any personal information and do not share any other information (from emails it receives or forum registration) to third parties.

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