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Very Bad
  • J****** 65 years

    NOTHING.WHATEVER YOU DO! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM THEY ARE RUNNING A SCAM! They use underhanded methods of tricking you into a subscription you don't... want and prevent you from cancelling by making it impossible to contact them, find a cancel button on their site, no email, phone number. IT IS RIDICULOUS. HEY E-DIS- HARMONY put effort, time and money into updating your business model instead of trying to make your money from stealing from others. Your methods are unconscionable EVERYTHINGSCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS who steal money from those who can least afford it. Update your business model if you're not making money instead of just trying to trick innocent people into signing up with you on what they think is a month by month subscription only to find they are up for $600 + a year on a rolling contract! Ludicrous SOMEONE SHUT THESE CLOWNS DOWN NOW!!!!!! «»

  • Sha**** 48 years

    After signing up for 6 months, I used the services of eharmony for about two months, then deactivated my profile and forgot about it. Much to my horro... r, 6 months from my initial sign up, without out any sort of warning or reminder notice, they slugged me with $598 for a 12 month "subscription renewal". Obviously if eharmony had sent a reminder email a week or two in advance, as any reputable company would do, then I would have cancelled everything right away. But they know many people would cancel so they choose to be sneaky and unscrupulous.I contacted eharmony straight away and protested this underhanded act, asking for the swindled funds to be returned. They just referred me to their "terms and conditions". After further protests they refunded half of what they charged. But this is still $299 for services not rendered, not requested, and not required for the foreseeable future. I feel this is deceptive, unconscionable and unfair conduct by this company. After reading some online reviews, it seems this is the usual way they operate. Not to be trusted! «»

  • regr*** 25 years

    I have never felt more wronged by a company than when dealing with eHarmony. I first signed up for the paid experience on a 6-month $22.95 per month p... lan for a total of $137.70. Obviously if you were dealing with an ethical company you could assume that you were now signed up for a plan that cost 137.70 every six months. Well unfortunately eHarmony is anything but ethical. After the 6 months I was charged a fee of $550.80 with no warning of this price change! After immediately requesting a refund I was informed this is only possible in certain USA states and that I was shit out of luck. According to the eHarmony representatives I have spoken to, all plans when they automatically renew change price and length to a 1 year plan. This is not mentioned anywhere on the signup or payment page, I was helpfully informed that this should have been emailed to me after I paid (It never was). I regret ever dealing with eHarmony and seriously hope other people can avoid my mistakes. «»

  • Eliz*** 63 years

    I have met 3 ment thru eHarmony in almost two years. One man couldn’t make conversation unless it was about golf; the second was an engineer who’s con... versation was so detail-ridden he bored me to tears, and the third was ok until he had one glass of alcohol too many and then he turned nasty. I have tried a number of online dating sites and have come to the disappointing conclusion that the unattached men out there are unattached because they’re generally defective. They interrupt, speak over you, and are self-absorbed. I am resigned to remaining a widow for the rest of my days. «»

  • Juli*** 38 years

    The worst dating app out there. I got very few matches in months and months of being a member. They tend to match woman to much older men, up to 10 ye... ars older, even when you specifically ask for a shorter age gap. Lot of guys have no photos and lots of inactive profiles. You can't search, they suppose to match you with someone, but I hardly got any matches. Never spoke to anyone.Don't use it, it's all false advertising. «»

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