Flirtfair Review June 2024

Will you find your 'flirtmate' on Flirtfair? FlirtFair is an online dating platform that is best for people seeking flirtatious encounters and erotic activities.

250,000 Members
 31 % ♀ 
 69 % ♂ 
Good For:
4 / 5
4 / 5
3 / 5
Success Rate:
0 / 10
38 / 10
33 / 10
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  • Flirtfair is an adult online dating site best for people who are looking for erotic encounters and hookups
  • The website is popular for one-night stands and explicit sexual activities with like-minded individuals
  • Has thousands of members in Australia - Know more about the members
  • Has no available mobile application
  • Offers general free services and options to upgrade - Learn more here
  • The website is full of sexual content and most profiles have nude photos
  • Flirtfair is highly inclusive of gender and sexuality
  • You can use Flirtfair for free Test now for free
  • Pricing starts at $2.49 / Month - More Information Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
Flirtfair is a very straightforward dating site, an ideal venue to exhibit your naughty and flirtatious side. If you are looking for some erotic fun and adventure, FlirtFair is the place for you.

Who is Flirtfair for and not for?

  • People who are sexually adventurous and want to fulfill their fantasies with like-minded individuals
  • People looking for flirtatious conversations and encounters
  • Individuals who are seeking affairs and erotic encounters
  • For people looking for serious relationships and deep commitments
  • For singles who want to fall in love
  • For conservative people with uptight beliefs
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Flirtfair Pros & Cons

  • Very open to same-sex relationships and hookups
  • Website is available in 15 languages, making it easier to find more matches
  • Guarantees contact with other members to date within your location
  • There are many reports of fake profiles
  • No proof of identity verification
  • Flirtfair annoyingly redirects members to other websites
  • No downloadable mobile app

How does Flirtfair work?

how it works
  • Watch live shows of erotic ladies
  • Implements a Contact Guarantee
  • You can read received messages but you need to be a paying member to reply
  • Get matches by playing the HotOrNot game

You can search for partners using the site's editable filters and get matches by playing the HotOrNotGame. This game lets you browse potential profiles and choose who you are interested in by clicking X or ❤. 

You can watch live cam shows of hot and sexy models, provided that you upgrade to a premium membership. The site offers a contact guarantee. If contact with other users was not created throughout the agreed-upon contract period, Flirtfair would reimburse the user for the cost of the contractual agreement, subject to costs.

How much does Flirtfair cost?

Can you try Flirtfair for free?

Is Flirtfair expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Flirtfair is average.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
3 Months16.63 AUD / Month49.90 AUD
6 Months6.65 AUD / Month39.90 AUD
12 Months2.49 AUD / Month29.90 AUD
80 Coins0.19 AUD / Coin14.99 AUD
200 Coins0.15 AUD / Coin29.99 AUD
500 Coins0.12 AUD / Coin59.99 AUD
Free Features
Premium Features
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Send a friend request
  • Live-Cams
  • Add to 'Friends List'
  • Favourite a profile
  • MatchCheck
  • Contact Guarantee

With the Premium "Lite" membership, you can use many functions of the site and effectively search for contacts. The "Lite" membership includes unlimited communication via internal mail. The Livecam access is set up for you to live chat with other members. Furthermore, you will receive 50 Bonus Coins.

With the Premium "Classic" membership, you choose the most popular package, and you can use all features for a successful contacts search. The "Classic" membership includes unlimited communication via internal mail, including a contact guarantee. The Livecam access is set up for you to live chat with other members. Furthermore, you will receive 100 Bonus Coins.

With the Premium "VIP" membership, you choose the complete package on the site and get access to all premium features. The "VIP" membership includes unlimited communication via internal mail, including a contact guarantee. The Livecam access is set up for you to live chat with other members. Furthermore, you will receive 150 Bonus Coins.

Premium membership automatically renews for the same price for the chosen term. If you do not wish to renew, you can terminate your 3-month paid membership within 6 weeks and your 6 and 12-month memberships within 12 weeks before they expire.

You can also purchase separate coun packages. With the purchase of coins, you do not enter into any further obligations; you can rebook coins as needed and recharge your coin account with an appropriate number of coins according to your wishes.

How can I delete my Flirtfair account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is signed up on Flirtfair?

250,000 from Australia
Members activity
100,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
31 %
69 %
  • In order to register you need to fill out a personality test
  • Has over 250,000 members in Australia
  • Members are looking for erotic encounters and one-night stands
  • The website is dominated by male members
  • Most of the members are in their early 20s and 30s
  • Has a growing population coming from Spain and Canada

Flirtfair has approximately 250,000 Australian users, with increasing membership from Canada and Spain. Over 70% of the members on the website are men. The majority of the members are in their early twenties and thirties and are looking for sensual encounters and one-night stands.


Flirtfair Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

New members at Flirtfair in June 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Flirtfair are developing compared to others

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Flirtfair in Detail

  • Reading time 16 minutes
  • Lots of insider information for more success

How to Sign Up for Flirtfair

  • Registration is free
  • Quick and easy sign-up
  • Accounts are verified via email
  • Highly inclusive of same-sex relationships
  • You can hide your gender during registration

Registering in Flirtfair is quick and easy, and it's free. After you successfully enter your valid email address and password, the site will send you your account activation link on your email. From that link, you'll be directed back to the site and begin answering personal details like your height, body type, hair colour, profession, religion, education, etc.

The website is highly inclusive of gender and sexuality, making it more open for members of the LGBTQ+ community to join and participate.

Making Contact on Flirtfair

Flirtfair Messaging
  • MatchCheck
  • Add to 'Friends List'
  • Add to 'Favourites'
  • Send 'Kisses'
  • Watch Live-Cams
  • Report profiles

    Making contact on Flirtfair requires a premium membership. Free members have minimal access to the website's functionalities. Premium members can get matches based on their dating information and dating preferences. In addition, premium members get unlimited messaging and can search for potential partners using the website's customizable search tool.

    Premium members can send 'Kisses' to show their interest and add members to their 'Friends List'. Paying members can favourite profiles and watch live-cam videos anytime. All members can play the HotOrNot matchmaking game. 

    Premium users get to experience the MatchCheck feature that allows them to see at first glance their compatibility rate.

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    Flirtfair Profile Quality

    • Profiles show online status
    • Shows sexual preferences and physical attributes
    • Profiles have limited information
    • There are still reports of fake profiles despite the site's efforts to filter accounts
    • Most profiles have nude photos
    • Members can upload unlimited photos
    • The profile information can be changed later
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    Profiles on Flirtfair can be limited since completing profile information is not mandatory. However, when you upload profile photos, you will have more access—such as uploading photos, making greeting texts, and configuring your searches. 

    All members can upload unlimited photos as long as the site's moderators approve them. Profiles show sexual preferences as well as the member's physical attributes. 

    Since the website promotes the hookup culture, it is evident that most profiles have nude profile photos. Despite the website's efforts to filter suspicious accounts, fake profiles remain. Members can report certain profiles if it seems fake or misleading.

    Flirtfair App

    • Flirtfair has no mobile application
    • It has a mobile version
    • The mobile site is easy to use
    • The mobile version can be accessed through any mobile browser
    • Mobile and tablet compatible

    Flirtfair does not have a mobile app. However, members can visit its mobile-optimized website. The mobile version is simple to use and includes the same features as the website. The mobile version is accessible via any mobile browser and works on any device.

    Special Features

    These are the features that give additional excitement and efficiency for members to connect with others. To enjoy this feature, members are encouraged to purchase a subscription or buy more coins.


    Have a private and one-on-one chat with some of the hot and seductive profiles on the site. Get a chance to see them live through your computer's webcam. Live-Chat is a coin-generated feature. 

    Contact Guarantee

    Flirtfair will reimburse the user for the cost of the contractual agreement subject to charges if contact with other users was verifiably not established during the agreed-upon contract period.


    A kiss is a little gesture with which you can express your interest. Kissing makes it easy to make first contact.


    Premium customers have access to the MatchCheck tool, which allows them to see their compatibility rate at a glance.


    Add other members as friends so you can easily check up on them.


    Add profiles to your favourites list to let them know that you're interested. 

    How can I delete my Flirtfair account and cancel my subscription?

    How can you cancel your Subscription?

    • You can cancel by sending an email
    • You can cancel via postal letter

    Will your subscription automatically renew?

    • Yes, your Flirtfair subscription will automatically renew. The usual notice period is 6 weeks but be careful, the notice period varies depending on the subscription package purchased.
    • Lite 3 Months (notice period 6 weeks)
    • Classic 6 Months (notice period 12 weeks)
    • VIP 12 Months (notice period 12 weeks)
    • Coins 80 Coins (non-recurring)
    • Coins 200 Coins (non-recurring)
    • Coins 500 Coins (non-recurring)

    Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

    • Yes, usually you will receive the full amount back.

    How much time do you have to undo Flirtfair purchases?

    • You have 14 Days to refund your Flirtfair purchase if you don't like it.

    Will your credits expire?

    • No, your credits do not expire.
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    Flirtfair FAQ


    What is Flirtfair?

    Flirtfair is an online dating website that connects sexually adventurous people with like-minded individuals for fun hookups and erotic encounters.

    Who owns Flirtfair?

    Flirtfair is owned and operated by Casual Networks B.V. The company's head office is located in the Netherlands. 

    What information do I need to provide to register on Flirtfair?

    Registration is free, only requiring a valid email address. Upon completing your registration, you will receive an email asking you to confirm and activate your membership by clicking on the link shown.

    What are Coins?

    Coins are your way to an unforgettable live date. Learn more about the cost of coins here.

    What can I use Coins for?

    With Coins, you can have great live dates but also become a top member so that the other members notice you much faster.

    What are Live-Cams?

    Through the website's Live-Cams, you can get up close and personal with members from the surrounding area. You can find live cams on the start page and in the menu under 'Live-Cams'.

    What are kisses on Flirtfair?

    A kiss is a little gesture with which you can express your interest. Kissing makes it easy to make first contact.

    What are friends?

    Members whom you like and who would like to have more to do with you can send you a friend request. You can accept this invitation but also decline it. Of course, you can also send friend requests to other members by going to their profiles and clicking 'Add as friend'.

    What are favourites?

    In addition to friends, there is the option for you to mark members as favourites so that you can find them again later.

    What will appear in my records when I upgrade to premium?

    Your payment details will show as

    What is the average age of users on Flirtfair?

    The average age of Flirtfair users is between 34-42 years. You can find more information here


    Why was my postal code not accepted on Flirtfair?

    In the event that the website was unable to identify the entered postal code, Flirtfair will ask that you choose a postal code from your immediate area instead.

    Why was my username changed on Flirtfair?

    If your desired username is already taken, the website will create a new one for you. You will find the username next to the welcome text on the start page and in a message in your inbox.

    How long will it take for my profile to be released on Flirtfair?

    Due to the high number of new applications the site moderators review per day, it can take several hours.

    Where and how can I upload or delete images on Flirtfair?

    Under 'My profile' you can upload images, manage, and delete them again. Profile pictures significantly increase your flirt opportunities!


    Does Flirtfair sell your data?

    No, Flirtfair does not sell your data.

    Was Flirtfair hacked in the past?

    No, Flirtfair was never hacked.

    How accurately does Flirtfair track your location?

    Flirtfair does not track your location.

    Do your Flirtfair profile pictures or profile information appear in Google Search Results?

    No, your Flirtfair photos and personal information will not appear in Google Search Results.

    Who can view your pictures on Flirtfair?

    All Flirtfair users can view your pictures.

    Is your phone number required for signing up at Flirtfair?

    No, you don't need a phone number to sign up on Flirtfair.

    Can you erase your personal data on Flirtfair?

    Yes, Flirtfair provides an option for users to erase their data.

    How can I delete my Flirtfair account and cancel my subscription?


    Can you try Flirtfair for free?

    How much does Flirtfair cost?

    Flirtfair typically costs between 14.99 AUD and 59.99 AUD. Compared to other dating services, Flirtfair's membership costs is average. You can find more information here

    How much does it cost to sign up on Flirtfair?

    You can sign up for Flirtfair and use its basic features for free. To use Flirtfair's premium features you must upgrade. You can find more information here

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