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OneNightFriend is a website for single people trying to find casual dates. It has paid messaging and chat features with template messages which you can use to flirt with other members. 

It aims to connect people near each other who are looking for hookups and casual flings without the added pressure of commitments. This site is definitely not intended for people looking for serious relationships.

Date suggestions would be given to you based on your search preference. Results will only show matches who are 100 km away or less.

It is popular among men. Hooking up is easy since you will be able to search for other members in the nearby areas.

OneNightFriend also has a mobile version for easier accessibility. 

If you are curious about this dating site, we took a closer look to see if OneNightFriend is worth investing. Is it as good as it seems or is it just one big scam to swindle you of your money?

New members at OneNightFriend in December 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at OneNightFriend are developing compared to others

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OneNightFriend Member Structure

300,000 from Australia
Members activity
25,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
24 %
76 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Around 15,000 members are online every week
  • The number of Australian members of OneNightFriend is around 300,000
  • The largest percentage of the members are singles ageing from  25 to 34 years old
  • Couple share is not available

Member Structure

People signing up for a OneNightFriend account are mostly males looking for dates. The difference between the number of male and female members are very remarkable with the ratio of 3:1.

The country which has the largest number of OneNightFriend members is the USA. 

Middle-aged adults from 25 to 34 years old compose almost a quarter of the total number of members, possibly because of their familiarity on how to use such website and its functions. It is also the age when people are not too young nor too old to explore different things like online dating.

Comparing the number of members to the daily logins, it is notable that only a low percentage of members login in a day. This can be because the site intends to engage members for casual dates, meeting a one night friend, or chatting for pleasure, instead of long-term relationships which needs constant communication. Members should be careful about the presence of fake profiles.

The bots usually are the accounts who will message you a few seconds after signing up. Other fake profiles can also be spotted when they are using pictures of celebrities. You may try using to verify if the photo was posted somewhere else.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at OneNightFriend

OneNightFriend Signup
  • Register via with your interest, age, email, password and location
  • Confirm your email by clicking on the link or encoding the code that was sent to your email
  • Set your preference for a date on the account page
  • Complete your profile data to attract other members
  • A message from the Site Admin will pop out convincing you to sign up for an upgrade and get a discount

With only your email address, interest, age and location, you will be able to create your OneNightFriend Account already. It wouldn't take you more than five minutes to finish the registration process. You will receive an email from the website and you have to verify your account so you wouldn't be listed as a "not verified" member.

As a verified member, other members can receive and reply to your messages even if they have set their accounts to full safe mode. After setting up and encountering offers for a membership upgrade, you will be able to explore OneNightFriend it but in a limited way. You will be able to access other features once you sign up for full membership and pay the fees.

Making Contact on OneNightFriend

OneNightFriend Messaging
  • Only members with full membership can contact other members
  • A standard account won’t be able to send replies to received messages
  • Switch to different Safe Mode options to control those who can contact you.
  • SMS Chat Feature can be purchased separately from the normal package

    Messaging is very important to websites like OneNightFriend. If members cannot message each other, this will defeat every online dating sites’ purpose.

    If you are looking for a date here, you should be willing to pay for a premium account. Take note that even if you have upgraded for premium membership, there might be a chance that the person who you message is using the free features only. This means replies are not a guarantee since standard members won't be able to reply or initiate a conversation.

    Use the Safe Mode feature to control who sends messages to you. The Full mode allows only verified members message you. The basic mode will let everyone send you a message but will not let you reply to it unless you deactivate your safe mode first.

    An SMS Chat service can also be activated with extra payment. Payment for this feature is set to auto renewal unless you cancel your subscription manually. However, there was no instruction on how to activate the chat service.

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    OneNightFriend Profile Quality

    OneNIghtFriend Profile
    • It is not required to provide all the information on the profile page
    • You can add photos and videos on your profile
    • Profile displays your preference for a date which can be edited except for your gender
    • Shows the member's recent activity
    • Members can post a status message
    • You can request the other members to add information on their profile.

      The profile information on a members' website is generally about the physical aspects like hair colour, body type, weight, height, eye colour, tattoo, and piercing; habits like if you drink or smoke; preference like the gender of the date you're looking for, age and location; and among others like your ethnicity, gender, income, and educational attainment. But not all of the fields are required to be answered. You also have a choice of putting "rather not share" if you are not ready to confide that information.

      A member can share a status to express his or her thoughts. There are only some rules that you have a follow when posting a status message. If you will not follow the community guidelines, your status message might be disapproved, if flagged. The rule includes that you are not allowed to input any of the following: personal details, links to other sites, offensive language, age mismatch, drugs mention, escort offer, different gender to your profile, and currency status.

      It is reported that a lot of profiles are fake. Photos of models and celebrities were also spotted as members. There are also some suspicious accounts who are online all the time. Accounts that are suspicious can be reported to the site administrator using their hotline and email for further checking.

      Take note that you cannot view a member's information if you haven't shared yours too. The field will remain "not given" until you also share your own.

      OneNightFriend App

      OneNightFriendd-mobile version
      • Easy to use
      • The design is catchy and friendly to every age group
      • Fast loading time
      • Same features as the website version
      • Notifications for new messages is not available once you close your browser
      • Home page gives you access to all the important features
      • You can take a picture by clicking the camera button beside your profile name
      • Change the language on the mobile site by clicking on the flag icon

      The mobile version is simple and very easy to use. It's basically the desktop version but for mobile. No additional features are observed. Since using a mobile phone is more convenient, on-the-go people most likely would prefer the mobile version. It is easier to access and it equals to the desktop version in terms of features. You can carry it around wherever you go, especially when you are meeting your date already.

      You can try the mobile version for free since it's only on the browser. No downloads needed. Input your email/ username and password to login on your phone, and you are good to go.

      As for the usability of the mobile version, it loads faster and you can access the features easier than the website version because everything is there on the homepage. It looks more compact and organised.

      OneNightFriend Real Life Review

      "I have been using OneNightFriend for two weeks now. It is very limited unless you pay for premium membership. Since there are a lot of fake accounts, it is not guaranteed if you are chatting with a real person or just a bot. Match suggestions are almost the same even if you change the search parameters. People who want to hook up or meet a real partner would not be satisfied using this website." - Joseph, 27

      Design and Usability

      The design of OneNightFriend is quite good. Pictures of members who fit your preference are shown on the homepage which makes you start browsing right away once you're logged in.

      There's a link to your profile on the homepage, the like gallery feature, messages and notification, and the Flirtcast feature too. You can easily go to the features that you want to use if you have paid for the full membership. If you are using the free version, you may just find it annoying being redirected to the page where you can upgrade your account most of the time.

      Overall, the design is user-friendly and not boring to the eyes. It keeps the users interested because the website is easy to understand. It's not wordy but it contains all the information that you need.

      OneNightFriend Costs and Prices

      Free Services
      • Signing up
      • Uploading of photos and videos
      • Limited number of winks
      • Basic search functionalities
      • Like photos from the Like Gallery
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      Fee-Based Services
      • Messaging and chatting
      • Viewing full search results
      • Accessing members' profile
      • Viewing full HD photos of members
      • Sharing of photos and videos in chat

      Is OneNightFriend expensive or cheap?

      In comparison to other providers OneNightFriend is in the upper midfield.
      Test now for free

      Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
      1 Day1.69 ASD / Day1.69 ASD
      1 Week7.84 ASD / Week7.84 ASD
      3 Months9.00 ASD / Month26.99 ASD
      6 Months9.00 ASD / Month53.97 ASD
      OneNightFriend Price
      Payment Options
      • Credit Card
      • Direct Debit

      When you are ready to subscribe for full membership, simply click on the green Upgrade Now button at the top of the page. You will be redirected on the page where you can input your card details for the payment. Most of the time, OneNightFriend offers discounts. You might want to wait before paying for the regular amount. Don't forget that the membership has an auto-renew feature. If you want to cancel, make sure that you will do it at least a day before the expiration by calling the customer service on their hotline.

      Special Features

      OneNightFriend offers some special features for free. Some are limited but will be available again for use after a certain period of time.


      This is one way of getting the attention of a member. You can click the winking smiley button. You can only wink at members who are based on your preference.

      Search for Members with Specific Parameters

      Your search can be limited to the parameters that you will set. However, you can change all the settings except for gender.

      Like Gallery

      Photos of members will be shown one at a time. You have the choice to cross a suggested member off if you are not interested or like him or her with the heart button if it's otherwise.


      You can send flirty messages to multiple people at once. It is free and you can send another every after twelve hours.

      Our rating

      Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
      Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
      Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
      App: 4.0 / 5
      Real Life Review: 2.0 / 5

      Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
      OneNightFriend seems to prioritise earning full member subscriptions without backing up their claims of guaranteed satisfaction. It offers paid features and functionalities that might increase your chances of landing on real dates, yet, tons of reviews say that member profiles are only made by the administrators to lure men into getting a premium. So, if you're unsure about this scheme, try checking out our dating sites category. Who knows, you might find the dating site made just for you.
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      OneNightFriend FAQ


      Can I sign up for a OneNightFriend account for free?

      Yes, signing up for an account is free. All you need is basic personal information and your email address to register.

      Does OneNightFriend have a free trial period for full membership?

      No, it doesn't have a trial period. You have to pay the premium amount upfront before getting the chance to experience the perks of having a full membership.

      How can I verify my OneNightFriend account?

      Verify your account by clicking the link that was sent to your email after registration. You may also manually enter the verification code from that same message on the email.

      How can I cancel my full membership in OneNightFriend?

      You may ask the site administrators to cancel your subscription. Email then at and/or


      How can I reply to other members' messages?

      You have to pay for full membership to be able to reply to other OneNightFriend members' messages. 

      Is chatting free?

      No, chatting in OneNightFriend is not free. You have to pay for full membership to be able to access this function too.

      Can anyone reply to my Flirtcast?

      No, not anyone can reply to your Flirtcast. Only those who are paying for full membership can do this. Flirtcast is sending the same message template to different members in a group message setup on OneNightFriend.

      Special Features

      Can I send as many Flirtcast on OneNightFriend as I want?

      No, you can only send one Flirtcast message every twelve hours. It means that you may only do it at a maximum of twice a day.

      What does a Wink from OneNightFriend for?

      A Wink is a feature which lets you get the attention of another member. It's like "poke" on other social media websites.

      What's the difference between the full and the safe mode on OneNightFriend?

      Full safe mode means that only verified members can contact you. On the other hand, basic safe mode allows you to receive messages from anyone but only those from verified members will be opened.

      Mobile Version

      How can I use OneNightFriend mobile version?

      Type on your phone's browser and log in using its mobile version. You may also choose to enter the website view if you are more comfortable using it.

      Can I connect the app to my Facebook account?

      No, OneNightFriend doesn't do this feature. It is actually not encouraged to connect your other links. Some profile information can even be rejected if it detected to contain links.


      Can I set my profile to private?

      No, you can't. OneNightFriend doesn't allow the members to set their profiles on private. However, if you wouldn't want to post many things about yourself, you may just opt not to answer the questions on your profile. Take note that you will not also see other members' answer to the questions unless you answer yours.

      Is it safe to input my credit card details for membership payments?

      Read the Terms of Use thoroughly before giving your credit card details. You should know where you can easily cancel your OneNightFriend membership before paying. Reviews say that many members were having a hard time cancelling the charges. It's either they need the bank to cancel it for them or change credit card information to be sure. 

      Will my account automatically log out when I close the browser?

      No, your OneNightFriend account will remain logged in once you open the browser again.

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