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It’s Just Lunch was founded in 1991 in the United States. The company has been providing a face-to-face matchmaking and dating service for over 28 years now. It has already expanded to the countries of Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

Today, IJL has only six main professional matchmakers that help singles make real connections with others through lunch dates of quick after-work dates. Yet, they have a big team of certified matchmakers who trained under the six key matchmaking figures.

The service that It’s Just Lunch provides is real and personalized. They cater to all singles in the five countries mentioned above, regardless of race and gender. The matchmakers plan for the whole dating experience—from selecting the best matches for you to choosing the right time and location for your date.

Read our full review below to learn out about the scope of service that It’s Just Lunch provides. Find out if it’s better if you stick to online matchmakers for now.

New members at Its Just Lunch in December 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Its Just Lunch are developing compared to others

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Its Just Lunch Member Structure

5,000 from Australia
Members activity
1,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
51 %
49 %
  • Members are mostly busy, single professionals
  • There is a percentage of LGBTQ+ members
  • There are more women members than men
  • Success stories are published online
  • USA has the most number of members worldwide

Those who sign up on It’s Just Lunch are usually busy professionals who don’t have the time to go out and meet someone new. They might have already exhausted all their other resources such as their workmates, friends, or family, in setting them up on a date. Because of this, they voluntarily ask for a real-life matchmaker’s help.

The majority of It’s Just Lunch clients are singles from all races within the age range of 28 to 44. However, there is a good percentage of older age ranges as well. When it comes to gender distribution, members are mostly women, with over 10% more than men.

Clients of It’s Just Lunch are primarily looking for serious relationships that can potentially lead to marriage. This is why they are willing to pay a hefty sum for a real-life matchmaking service.

With their customers’ consent, It’s Just Lunch publishes success stories of their clients. You can read their testimonials right on their website.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Its Just Lunch

registration form of it's just lunch
  • Registration involves a phone and Skype interview
  • Very selective on who to choose to become members of their site
  • Payment is needed before they start matching you with dates
  • Input some basic information so the screening people can reach you
  • You have the option to call them ahead to save you some waiting time

The matchmaking process of It’s Just Lunch starts with filling out a simple registration form that can be found on the website. The form asks you to provide your personal information such as your first and last names, age, gender, city, email, and phone number.

Afterwards, you will get a call from one of the matchmakers for a 30-minute phone interview. The matchmaker will explain to you in-depth the matchmaking process and guarantees. Likewise, the matchmaker will also tell you the costs you might incur from being a member of their database.

If you agree to their terms, you will proceed to a face-to-face interview over Skype. It's Just Lunch doesn't approve everyone that applies to their dating service. They are very selective about who they choose to be a part of their dating pool.

During this face-to-face interview, It's Just Lunch gauges if they are fit to become your matchmaker; if they can find suitable matches for you. If they see that they can, your matchmaker will now ask you about your interests, preferences, and dealbreakers so that she can find the best matches for you.

If you wish to get started promptly with the matchmaking, you can also call them through the number they have provided on their website. This can fast track your application process instead of waiting for their call.

Making Contact on Its Just Lunch

couple in cafe
  • Matchmakers take care of the whole dating process
  • Dates are usually set during lunch or after-work hours
  • Compatibility is calculated based on personality and preference
  • Getting a second date is possible if both you and your match agree

    After completing the phone and Skype interview, the matchmakers will ask you to pay the agreed membership price. The price of being a member of their database differs based on location, duration, and the guarantees listed in your contract. Normally, the costs range from $2,000 to $4,000.

    After settling your account, you will now be eligible to be matched on dates as well as get selected for dates. It's Just Lunch only finds matches among their pool of members.

    The matchmaker assigned to you will take into account your personality and preferences when finding your potential matches. You don’t have to do anything at this point, except to wait for a call from your matchmaker telling you about your upcoming date.

    Sometimes, a call can happen within a week, yet sometimes, it can take a month before your matchmaker finds a suitable partner.

    Dates are usually set during lunchtime or after work hours. It’s Just Lunch matchmakers set everything up for you. All you need to do is to show up on the time and place your matchmaker tells you to.

    You and your date need to cover the bill, as it is not included in the membership package and the venue is a third-party business.

    After your date, your matchmaker will call and ask about how your date went. She will also ask for your feedback about who you just met.

    If all is well for both you and your date, your matchmaker will arrange a second date. However, that doesn’t mean that you can't be matched with other singles—unless of course, you tell them to.

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    Its Just Lunch Profile Quality

    success stories of itsjustlunch clients
    • Profile is not viewable for everyone
    • The matchmakers will prepare everything before you meet your match
    • You won't see fake profiles because every member is thoroughly screened
    • Meet a person and get to know more during your lunch date
    • Let your wingman discreetly promote your profile for you

      As mentioned, It's Just Lunch does not divulge the profile information of its members right away. It follows a process to know if a member matches another so they can be set-up for a date.

      You will be answering questionnaires, however, these details are not available for the public and are said to be confidential. It is normal though to expect that the it will be personal and will include questions about you physical characteristics and past relationships.

      Its Just Lunch Real Life Review

      I’ve been single for more than 5 years and I couldn’t find the time to meet new people to ask out on a date. I am a very busy career man with little to no free time going out on parties or something enjoyable. I became a member of It’s Just Lunch just a month ago and surprisingly, my matchmaker got it right on my first date! Indeed, she was the perfect match. We already went on our second date last week and are going to our third this week. I’m pretty excited and I got a good feeling about this. I’m very thankful for my matchmaker’s guidance as I’ve been out of practice when it comes to dating, and she really boosted my confidence. Thanks, It’s Just Lunch! - Jamie, 37, NYC

      A colleague of mine find her new boyfriend here. So I thought, why not? Then I didn't want to wait so I called the number right away. But I realized, this site is not for everyone. Their services is really expensive! So no, it's not for a simple company employee like me. -Kara, 28, LA

      Design and Usability

      The It's Just Lunch website is easy to navigate. You will find everything you need on the site. It's full of pictures of happy couples which will inspire you to call the site right away so they can set-up a date for you.

      The process is published on the site, but the personalized phone call that they will set-up for you will give you more details that only paid members are supposed to know.

      The site also has a mobile compatible version for different browsers. You also have the option to download the APK version for Androids.

      Its Just Lunch Costs and Prices

      Free Services
      Fee-Based Services
      • Get matched with dates
      • Matchmaker coaching

      Is Its Just Lunch expensive or cheap?

      In comparison to other providers Its Just Lunch is in the upper midfield.
      Test now for free

      A new member will have their own dating coach to find a match. Pricing will be customized for at least 1,000 USD for the service.

      Payment Options
      • Credit Card
      • Direct Debit
      • Cash

      The membership contract of It’s Just Lunch varies based on location and contract agreement.

      A typical member in the United States will pay between USD2,000 and USD4,000, depending on the number of dates the member wants to have, the duration, as well as the scope of his or her contract.

      To know the actual membership price, it is best to do a phone interview yourself. This will give you a more accurate contract quotation.

      Special Features

      This matchmaker site offers some special services. Check them out below:

      Phone Interview

      You cannot meet people through this site unless you pass the phone interview. This is just the start of the intensive screening process, but if you pass through all that, you are one step closer in meeting someone.

      Setting Up of First Date

      This is perfect especially for those who are always busy. You get to go on a first date without even worrying about anything.

      Our rating

      Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
      Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
      Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
      Real Life Review: 3.0 / 5

      Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
      If you’re looking for a face-to-face matchmaking service, It’s Just Lunch is probably one of the better choices. Compared to private matchmakers and elite matchmaker service providers, It’s Just Lunch costs a bit less but still provides an excellent, personalized service. So if you have the money to spend, and want to have a real-life interaction with a professional matchmaker, sign up today. The initial interview is free of charge, so you have nothing to lose!
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      Its Just Lunch FAQ


      What is It’s Just Lunch?

      It’s Just Lunch is a professional, real-life matchmaking service based in the United States.

      Who can join It’s Just Lunch?

      Anyone above the age of 18 from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia can join It’s Just Lunch.


      How do I join It’s Just Lunch?

      To join It’s Just Lunch, you have to sign-up through the registration form and do a phone interview or call the number on the website to fast track the registration process.

      How much does it cost to become a member of It’s Just Lunch?

      The price of an It’s Just Lunch membership varies from location and contract scope.

      Is there a guarantee when I become a member of It’s Just Lunch?

      It’s Just Lunch confirms that you are guaranteed a number of dates depending on the contract price of your membership.

      Can I terminate my It’s Just Lunch membership anytime?

      If you no longer wish to be included in It’s Just Lunch member base, you can terminate your contract at any point.

      Is the membership fee refundable?

      Unfortunately, once you’ve paid It’s Just Lunch membership, the fee is non-refundable.


      How does It’s Just Lunch work?

      It’s Just Lunch has six certified matchmakers that personally handle each member’s accounts. They take note of your profile and preferences and set you up on dates with your ideal matches.

      Who matches members together?

      The six professional matchmakers of It’s Just Lunch decide which members are compatible with their client.

      How do Lunch Dates work?

      Once an It’s Just Lunch matchmaker sets you up on a date, they will also fix the logistical needs for your date. All you need to do is to show up and enjoy it.

      If I had a bad date, what do I do?

      After every date, the It’s Just Lunch matchmaker assigned to you will give you a call. You will be asked to provide feedback about how your date went.

      My date didn’t show up, what do I do?

      According to It’s Just Lunch, this hardly happens. But if it does, you can report it to your matchmaker.

      Is it possible to see my lunch date again?

      Yes. If you think your date went well and want to have a second date, simply tell your matchmaker and she will arrange it. However, she would have to get consent from your date first.


      How safe is It’s Just Lunch?

      All members of It’s Just Lunch undergo a rigorous phone interview, so you can be sure that the people you meet are nice and respectful.

      Does It’s Just Lunch ensure that the lunch dates are safe?

      The locations of the lunch dates set up by It’s Just Lunch matchmakers are in public, credible places.

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