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When it comes to grandiose wedding ceremonies and its resulting close family ties, Indians usually come to mind. Indian matrimonials are a big deal for families for cultural and even religious reasons. However, even if the entire family is involved in the whole process, singles and their relatives may still have quite a hard time searching for a suitable match.

And that’s where Sangam fits in. As a matrimonial and matchmaking service backed by the same operator of Shaadi, the site claims it is well-loved and used by families. 

But is it really? Is Sangam really the platform that will connect families looking for potential partners for their single relative? Or is it nothing more but a scam site? 

To help you make an informed decision, we checked every cost and feature at Sangam. Better read this extensive review before signing up.

New members at Sangam in July 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Sangam are developing compared to others

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Sangam Members

5,000 from Australia
Members activity
500 active weekly
Gender Proportion
40 %
60 %
  • Records over 3 million monthly visitors globally
  • Top visitors are mostly from India and the United States
  • Males outnumber the females
  • Most of the users are aged 25-34
  • Majority of the members access the website via mobile

Since the intended users of Sangam are Indian singles and their families, it’s good to see that the platform’s metrics do match their objectives.

The majority of its users come from India. There’s some traffic from the United States and Australia, but we can safely conclude that Sangam is hitting the right audience.

In terms of age, Sangam’s population is young. The members either belong to the 18-24 or the 25-34 age range. These figures, again, seem legitimate as most Indians are encouraged by their families to settle down early. 

Some members belong to the mature age group. Some are looking for their own, but it seems like most are in search on behalf of their younger relatives.

Since it is a matchmaking site for singles looking for a person they can marry, it is highly encouraged that you join Sangam as an eligible single. True, males outnumber the females by quite a margin, but the process is not first come first serve, or similar. Since users are aiming to marry, they interact and screen as many members as they can carry.

Lastly, Sangam only caters to heterosexual relationships. For members of the LGBTQ+ who are looking for commitment, this platform won’t be of much help.


Sangam Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Sangam

Sangam Registration
  • Must be at least 18 years old to sign up
  • 10-15 minutes sign up process
  • You must customise your profile right after signing up
  • Mobile verification is required
  • No option to signup via Facebook

Registration at Sangam is not complicated, but it does take time. The sign-up process is merged with profile creation, but in its entirety, you’ll need 15-minutes tops.

It is subdivided into three sections, namely:

  • Sign-up

To begin your Sangam journey, you’ll have to complete the registration form located at the homepage. You will be asked for whom is the profile, your orientation (male or female only), and date of birth. 

Since Sangam aims to be of aid to families who are into the matchmaking process as a solid unit, your parents, siblings, relatives, and even friends can create an account for you. That way, they can help you with screening potential partners.

You will also be asked to indicate your mother tongue (choose among English, Hindi, or the many Indian dialects) and your community. For the latter, this is mostly concerning your religion or spiritual beliefs. The site will even ask you to indicate if you are particular or not about your partner’s community or status (caste no bar).

  • Creating Your Account

After completing the sign-up form, the next step will be to create your account. You will input your preferred email address and nominated password.

Then, Sangam will ask you a series of non-skippable questions. All these questions aim to get to know you (physique, parental status and plans, and current location), your status (education and occupation included), and your family background.   

Your answer will also be used to generate your profile, so as much as possible, be factual.

  • Verification

The last step is quite crucial: you will provide a mobile number and upload up to three photos to finish the registration.

Note that the number in question should be functional because contact will only happen if you exchanged numbers. To ensure you gave a real number, Sangam will verify it by sending a code.

Making Contact on Sangam

Sangam Contact
  • Communication happens outside the platform
  • Connecting with members is a premium feature
  • View members according to filters
  • Send “interest” for free

In terms of communication features, Sangam is a little different compared to your usual matchmaking service. For starters, it only has three main tabs-slash-functions:

  • Matches

If you’re using the desktop version, your matches are neatly arranged in three columns. For free accounts, you can view less than fifty profiles in this tab. For paying members, the number depends on your subscription-type. 

On mobile, the matches are still limited, but you’ll be able to see profiles one-by-one. Somehow, the Matches tab is similar to the infamous swiping feature. Click “X” if you want to keep looking and the checkmark if you like what you’re seeing.

  • Search

As the name implies, the search tab is for when you want to be more precise with your preferences. You can filter results according to age, location, education, only to name a few. You may even type a member’s ID, that is if you remember it.

  • Inbox 

Lastly, you have your very own Sangam Inbox. Unlike the customary inbox where you can view previous threads of your conversations, your inbox won’t have any messages. Instead, it will neatly categorise profiles.

View profiles according to who sent you their interest, accepted your request to connect, received your interest, viewed your contact number, declined your request, and those you filtered out during your search.

If you’re thinking that there seems to be no way to live chat or direct message a member, you’re right. In essence, Sangam is like a matchmaking directory. You’ll get to see the member’s photos, view a bit of their background, get their contact details, and interact outside the platform.

Interactions happen via WhatsApp. If you’re a premium member, you can instantly engage in a WhatsApp conversation with the man or woman you’re eyeing.

Sangam Profile Quality

Sangam Profile
  • Easy-to-supply and edit information
  • Profiles can be viewed for free
  • Standard accounts can view full-sized photos
  • Some members opted to blur their photos
  • Unique scroll-up feature when viewing profiles
  • Profiles carry limited information
  • Premium members sport a badge

    Even the way the profiles are presented confirms our analogy that Sangam is a directory. For starters, each member’s details are presented in a rectangular-screen that seems to allude to a smartphone. 

    Within this screen, you will scroll up to see the entirety of the profile. Members usually upload three or more photos. Standard accounts can freely view and even expand these images. For some cases, when the profile is blurred, it is mostly because members opted to do so for privacy reasons. 

    Apart from the photos, you can also see some details about the member. This information came from the registration; expect to read things about their education, occupation, status, family members and so on. 

    Unlike usual dating or matchmaking sites, there’s not much when it comes to details on their hobbies and whatnots. Instead of reading it up on their profile, you can get to know the member better if you choose to connect.

    It’s quite easy to know who’s paying or not at Sangam; a badge adorns a premium member’s profile.

    Sangam App

    Sangam App
    • Free-to-download mobile app
    • Available for both Android and iOS users
    • Easy to navigate
    • Desktop functions are all available on mobile
    • Clear winner if you were to choose between desktop or app

    Sangam offers a free-to-download mobile app, and highly encourages the members to install and use it for a very crucial reason. All direct interactions happen through a messaging platform, WhatsApp. Thus, browsing Sangam using your smartphone saves time and is the best course of action.

    On mobile, Sangam is sleek and modern, but it still is easy-to-navigate, It lacks the bells and whistles, mostly because it aims to cater to a broad audience. After all, parents and older relatives are encouraged to create a profile for their younger wards; the app shouldn’t be complicated and hard.

    If members chose to connect, Sangam seamlessly connects you via WhatsApp. You can call, chat, and get-to-know each other wherever and whenever.

    Overall, for the service and execution it offers, Sangam’s mobile app can deliver. It’s free-to-download, easy-to-use, and accessible—it surely is convenient.

    Sangam Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Registration
    • Use the search filters
    • Send interest
    Premium Features
    • View more than 50 contacts
    • Get your matches contact number
    • Get Top Spot in matches

    Is Sangam expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Sangam is low-priced.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    1 Month26.00 USD / Month26.00 USD
    3 Months11.67 USD / Month35.00 USD
    Classic +
    3 Months13.67 USD / Month41.00 USD
    6 Months8.17 USD / Month49.00 USD
    Advantage +
    6 Months8.83 USD / Month53.00 USD
    Sangam Cost
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • Direct Debit

    Sangam has three monthly subscription types: Basic, Classic, and Advantage. All of these subscriptions allow you to connect with a match through WhatsApp immediately.

    For the two types, Classic and Advantage, you can amp up your popularity by purchasing its “+” versions. Classic+ and Advantage+ both make sure you get the Top Spot in the Matches tab. Since there’s quite a lot of members, being one of the first few profiles a member sees means you can present yourself as quickly as possible.

    You can pay for your subscription via debit or credit card. For refunds and cancelations, it is best to get in touch with what Sangam calls their Grievance Officers.

    Special Features

    Sangam doesn’t offer that much in terms of features, but these two can enhance your experience:

    Contact Filters

    Sifting through no less than 50 contacts a day is no easy chore. If you already have criteria in mind, it would be best if you filter our suggestions via the Contact Filters.

    Customise the results according to your preference when it comes to your partner’s age range, religion, community, mother tongue, location, and marital status. 

    Privacy Settings

    If you’re not too comfortable displaying your photo and contact number, you may control your visibility. You can set your photo so it’s either only visible to members you like or those you like plus premium members.

    The same goes for your phone number: visible to all premium members, visible to premium members you wish to connect with, or completely hide your phone number.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
    Making Contact: 2.5 / 5
    Profile Quality: 2.0 / 5
    App: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    Sangam adds new efficiency into the traditional matchmaking and courtship process. With its massive user base interacting via the free-to-download mobile app, screening matches is efficient and quick. Ready to try actively searching for a potential husband or wife? Sign up at Sangam now.

    Sangam FAQ


    What is Sangam all about?

    Sangam is a matchmaking site that specialises in connecting singles who are looking to marry. One of its unique selling points is that it provides information families of the single user may deem relevant. 

    Is Sangam legit?

    Yes, Sangam is a legit matchmaking site that claims to connect you with genuine matches within your community, and even with the help of your family.

    Is Sangam and Shaadi the same?

    No, Sangam and Shaadi are two different global matrimonial and matchmaking sites. The two platforms, however, are under the same company.

    Who owns Sangam?

    Sangam is owned and operated by People Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd.

    Are there gays or lesbians at Sangam?

    There won’t be gays or lesbians because the matchmaking site only caters to heterosexual couples.

    Can a divorced or widowed join Sangam?

    Yes, the site is open to users who are widowed, divorced, awaiting a divorce or annulment. As long as you’re single and unattached, there won’t be a problem.


    How can I delete my Sangam profile?

    To delete your Sangam profile, head to the Home tab and scroll down until you reach the Quick Links. From there, select the Settings drop-down menu and hit “Delete Profile.”

    How can I see who viewed my profile at Sangam?

    From the Matches tab, you can click “Viewed Me” and see the profiles of the members who visited yours.

    How can I block a Sangam member?

    Instead of blocking a member, you may opt to filter them out or decline their request to connect.

    Is it possible to get contact details at Sangam?

    Yes, in fact, that is the main goal at Sangam.

    Is my information secure at Sangam?

    Sangam will not divulge your contact details to outside parties. Also, you may opt to secure your details by controlling your photo and phone number’s visibility. 


    Is Sangam free?

    Sangam requires you to upgrade to a monthly subscription to enjoy the platform or its free-to-download mobile app to the fullest.

    How long are the monthly subscriptions at Sangam?

    Subscriptions can cover 1, 3, or 6 months.

    Do I need to pay to register at Sangam?

    Registration is free-of-charge.

    How can I pay for my Sangam subscription?

    As of writing, Sangam accepts credit and debit payment.

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