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Very Bad
  • Ev***** 52 years

    I have joined this dating site for just 3 months. My experience has been positive and I have met many genuine guys! I honestly have to say I have not ... met any scammers yet unlike another free dating site I joined previously. I reckon is because scammers don’t want to pay!My only criticism is the Carousel app. Even when I was only scrolling to see who has viewed me, is telling the other party that I actually had viewed them, which can mislead the hopefuls. «»

  • Fr***** 71 years

    Plenty of options to find a partner if you’re not too fussy.I tested Zoosk out by changing my age to test the quality of people you would meet.In t... he mature dating area, I dropped my age by only 5 years. WOW! The quality of candidates for your affections went up 50%. I wanted to quit after 48 hours when I disclosed my age being 71, and a 63y/o woman told me I was too old for her stage of life. I redirected her to «»

  • Marj*** 73 years

    My experience with your site has been 100% successful. I’m a 70+ widow - late from a wondeful marriage of almost 50 years- who has been fortunate eno... ugh, through your site, to meet a man with a similar history. The only fly in the ointment is a daughter-in-law (his) who thinks he hasn’t grieved long enough.!!!. I did ask her if there was a statute of limitations re: grieving for a dearly loved partner but she had no answer.Suffice to say- as a pair of 70+ year olds, we are hell bent on enjoying every moment of our mature (!) years.I’m so thankful to Zoosk for the opportunity to get together with a lovely bloke ( an age description..) who enjoys so much of the same things as I do. «»

  • Jud**** 59 years

    Based on my experience, Zoosk is one of the most poorly designed dating websites on the internet. I will not be continuing my subscription. Here's my... complaint. Zoosk regularly shows me one photo of a woman that is "interested in me." But Zoosk won't let me look at her profile. Instead, based on the single photo, Zoosk requires me to click on a yes or no answer icon if I'm interested in this one. I would like to look at her profile for more photos and information. Not possible on Zoosk. And if I do click on that I'm interested, I still don't get to see her profile.No matter what I click on, Zoosk always makes the "interested" woman's profile disappear and begins to show me other profiles. I hate Zoosk for these reasons. Another complaint is that Zoosk is not satisfied with you buying their expensive membership. After you do that, they try to sell you multiple various upgrades. It's all about them trying to get their millions of dollars, not in helping you find a match. I would rate Zoosk a half star! «»

  • J****** 58 years

    You can write a nice message and get hardly any replies..

  • Jas**** 44 years

    Please avoid this site at all costs. I became a paid up subscriber, created a profile and became active on the site. My experience in the first thr... ee weeks is that my profile does not show up in searches done by females, i did not receive notifications that I had been sent a message, my chat messages had time lags of over 20 minutes making free and easy conversations with mutually interested parties redundant and there is zero customer service from the company. They will suggest matches on their carousel option but most live over an hour away. Some I was suggested lived in Launceston and NSW with me living in Melbourne. Read the online reviews from people that have been on the site and be wary of any articles that review Zoosk where there are no comments from members attached. They can get paid for their promotion articles. Memberships also automatically rollover and if you don't notify them then you will be charged forever.Avoid this site at all costs people unless you like to pay for a dating site where you will be invisible and there is no customer service. I sent five messages to them with no response at all. «»